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25 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

by GK July 28, 2017
WooCommerce Plugins

Any customer who visits your eCommerce site must be satisfied with everything – right from the product display section to the payment completion process. Only then, you can expect him/her to revisit your site and make further purchases. Since the commencement of the eCommerce era, we have witnessed a large number of eCommerce platforms which assist businesses in building their eCommerce sites. Many of them provide a variety of features or plugins that you might want to use in your eCommerce site to improve sales. And one such eCommerce platform that has become popular in the recent times is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has emerged as one of the best eCommerce platforms on the web not only because it helps boost your eCommerce sales but also is affordable for any business type. With over 29 million downloads, WooCommerce boasts to power more than 28% of all online stores. Continuous customer support and customizability are what make WooCommerce such a huge success. With hundreds of paid and free plugins, WooCommerce makes it possible for a business to sell everything, everywhere in a beautiful manner. If you are a business that is already using or is planning to use WooCommerce, here is a quick list of best WooCommerce plugins you might want to take a look at:

1. Related Products Slider:

You might have come across the term “Related Posts” across social media platforms and in blogs. Related posts are the ones which are similar to the current post being read by a user. In the same manner, visitors of your eCommerce site will be able to see the related items that they might be interested in purchasing along with ones they have already placed an order for. This WooCommerce plugin helps you automate this process of displaying the related products based on tags and categories.

2. Currency Switcher:

If you are a business aiming to reach global markets, then it is a must to use the currency switcher plugin. You need not worry about the varying rates of currencies as the exchange rates are calculated in real time from Yahoo Finance. The premium version of this plugin supports unlimited currencies, while the free version supports only two. Depending on the rate at which you want to increase your market, you can choose either from either of the versions.

3. WooCommerce by WPGens:

Making your customers refer your site to their friends and family can prove out to be one of the best ways of improving your sales. Assuring discounts on next purchases or giving away gifts to your customers upon successfully referring your site to their acquaintances will not only boost your sales but also will help you increase customer satisfaction. With this WooCommerce plugin, you can specify aspects such as – minimum order required to qualify for the program, type of coupon etc. easily.

4. Stripe:

Payment is one of the most important aspects every eCommerce site must highly concentrate on. Stripe plugin allows you to accept multiple payment gateways from your customers. With this WooCommerce extension you can accept payments from Discover, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Bitcoin, JCB and Diners Club. Once you have a valid SSL certificate to ensure safety and privacy to your customers, you can use Stripe plugin. Stripe is one of the many free WooCommerce plugins; hence no charges apply.

5. WooCommerce Social Login:

It is always a better option to allow your customers have their personalized accounts which not only helps you in keeping track of their preferences, but also will increase your community. Other than providing the ‘Sign-in’ and ‘Sign-up’ options, you can make use of this ‘Social Login’ WooCommerce plugin that provides the customers with options to login through their social media accounts. It could be either Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter etc. Apart from making it simple for your customers to login, this would even help in extracting important information about your customers. 

6. YITH WooCommerce Compare:

This WooCommerce plugin eases the strain on the customer to visit multiple product pages to compare different products and make a purchase decision. This plugin creates comparison tables of products displaying their images, prices and features from which the customer can easily decide over product purchase. Additionally, customer purchase behaviour can be efficiently studied with the help of this plugin. Check out the plugin here.

7. Subscriptio WooCommerce:

Subscriptio WooCommerce plugin provides different subscription options that are available for a customer using your eCommerce site. It showcases a dashboard which displays information pertaining to membership, payments, suspensions, payment reminders, renewal orders etc. As soon as any customer subscribes for a plan, all the actions reflect change automatically. This plugin is available in its premium version for $49 dollars. Check out the plugin here.

8. Wishlist:

Wishlist plugin comes handy when your customers are interested in your products but are not able to make purchases immediately.  They might not have enough money to place order at that time of search or might want to wait for that product to be on special sale. In any case like this, this plugin provides a button next to each product which when pressed will add the item to the user’s wishlist. Usage of this plugin increases the chances of users returning to your sites more frequently thus boosting your sales. Check out the plugin here.

9. Product FAQ:

Buyers of your products may have certain doubts which they would like to clarify before they make any purchase. Product FAQ plugin helps buyers ask questions either publicly which are published live on the site or privately. This plugin notifies you whenever a new question has been posted by the users. This helps you in answering the questions as soon as possible or delete the ones which are repeated. If the customer has an account on your site, he/she would be notified once you answer their question.

10. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite:

Not everyone who adds items to their cart is going to buy them immediately. Many of them might choose to abandon the cart even though they show complete intent of buying during their product search. Though it sounds little disappointing, you need to realize that these users can be inspired to purchase right away with few reminders from your side. Abandoned Cart Lite plugin helps you in sending reminder emails to these abandoners that the products in their carts are still ready for purchase.

11. WooCommerce Extra Product Options:

Let us suppose that you are a business which sells electronic goods through your eCommerce site. When a customer makes a purchase of a computer on your site, it is evident that he might also be interested in buying computer software or devices like web camera etc. What if you can make your customer aware of this and make him/her purchase extra products from your site? Well, this plugin assists you in implementing this and displays the list of extra products in the form of check boxes/ data ranges/ radio buttons etc. Premium version of this plugin is available for $19 dollars.

12. WooCommerce Image Zoom:

The quality of products is one of the essential things the users look into before placing an order. The user might want to take a closer look of the product so as to assess its quality. Image Zoom plugin allows the user to magnify the image of the product and view, thus reducing the chances of a product being returned later. This plugin is advised to be used along with high-quality images to acquire better results. You can initially install the free version of this plugin and can later acquire the premium version, once satisfied. Check out the plugin here.

13. WooCommerce Gift Cards:

Studies show that customers spend over $1 billion every year on unredeemed gift cards. This strengthens the fact that most of the customers forget to cash the gift cards eCommerce sites offer as a friendly token. Well, this explains why it is recommended to use the Gift Cards plugin on your eCommerce site. Gift cards you offer to your customers help increasing your brand awareness and also improve your customer base. Your loyalty towards customers is also promoted at the same time. So in order to give a start to all these happenings, you just have to install the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin.

14. WooCommerce Products Slider:

Product slider is one of the easiest ways of grabbing the user attention when he / she visits your site. Displaying the variant of products you sell in your store will definitely help you impress the user, making him / her a buyer eventually. The WooCommerce Products Slider plugin is available for free and provides thousands of options to customize settings. It is not only mobile-ready but is also completely responsive in design. You can adjust options like pagination style, rotation speed etc. on the ‘Settings’ page.  This plugin is considered to be one of the best WooCommerce plugins available for free.

15. Product Enquiry for WooCommerce:

Satisfying the needs of customers is all that you want to achieve when you run a business. You will try all means to see that your customers have a pleasant buying experience on your site. Here is one feature you might be interested in including in your site – Product Enquiry plugin. Instead of leaving your customers to validate their purchase decision with the help of YouTube videos or other review websites, you can take up the responsibility to answer their queries. You can grab the attention of the user right on the product page and also can offer special enquiry options depending on the purchase item. It is one of the effective ways of building customer trust too.

16. WooCommerce Direct Checkout:

As mentioned earlier about cart abandonment, complexity involved in the checkout process can be one of the reasons. The user might not show interest to switch between multiple pages, and would instead prefer a simple way to check-out the items. This Direct Checkout plugin is to impress those users by providing a direct checkout option right on the product page. The user can thus skip the other steps involved once he chooses this option. This certainly would amount to boosting your sales, also improving customer engagement.

17. WooCommerce Google Product Feed Manager:

Google shopping ads amount to more than 75% of the search engine clicks, thus making them very important resources in bringing customers to eCommerce sites. Uploading all of your items to Google is certainly a tedious process and will involve so many complications. To escape this burden, you can make use of the Google Product Feed plugin to feed products to Google Shopping. This plugin comes with advanced filters and feed optimization features making your task more efficient.

18. Amazon Pay WooCommerce:

Using this WooCommerce plugin, you can reduce the burden of the customers involved with entering the billing and shipping details for their purchases. These details are automatically retrieved from Amazon and are carried into your eCommerce site. As this plugin involves mobile widgets that can easily adapt to smartphones and tablets, it makes check out a very simple process. Moreover, all the payments are covered by Amazon Payments’ fraud protection mechanism.

19. WooCommerce SendinBlue:

It is not always necessary to focus on ways to increase customer purchases and thus boost your sales. Sometimes, it is more important to concentrate on things that win customer loyalty and make customers associate with your site for longer terms. To make this happen, there must be a platform that helps you stay in constant touch with your customers and communicate. Email marketing can be a helpful strategy in this case and ‘SendinBlue’ plugin is one such platform you can use which assists you in content management and email marketing. This plugin provides responsive tools that make email template creation simple by including email details in a prioritized manner.

20. Booster for WooCommerce:

Booster for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful plugin that can help your business in a global market. If you are planning to increase your product availability on an international scale, it is recommended to use this plugin which has the ability to localize your eCommerce site according to the country your customer belongs to. It configures the product descriptions, graphic images and website profiles to a language understandable to that particular country’s shopping culture. In addition, the prices of the products are also displayed as per the local currency usage.

21. Fancy Product Designer:

If you are a business that allows your users to customize and design products in their own ways, then this Fancy Product Designer plugin is definitely recommended. Once you embed this plugin to your website, you no longer need a custom coder. You just have to list the type of products your business can offer – mugs, key chains, T-shirts, diaries etc. This plugin supports several image formats, font styles, colors etc. thus giving complete support to customizability.

22. WPB Accordion Menu:

Conventional horizontal menus may not be sufficient when it comes to businesses which sell multi-level categories of products. Drop down menus can be better alternatives in this case. WPB Accordion Menu plugin can meet the drop down menu requirements; once installed it can be dragged to sidebar and arranged to display items in a particular order. Free version of this plugin itself might suffice most of the businesses’ specifications. However, premium version comes with additional options.

23. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration:

Google analytics are important source of information when it comes to identifying the channels on which your business needs to concentrate more in order to boost your sales. With the help of this Google Analytics Integration plugin, you can view the analytics dashboard which specifies which type of products your customers are searching for, which features they look for in products. You can even understand universal analytics as well as know the user insights once you install this plugin.

24. Order Delivery Date:

Customers might not choose to place order on your site if the estimated delivery dates do not meet their terms. Reasons for this being – wanting the product early or not being available at the delivery address during the time of delivery etc. These things would no longer bother your customers if you install the order delivery date plugin. This plugin offers a custom date picker to your customers, also notifying the dates you have excluded for delivery (weekends, for example). Adding this plugin can help improve customer engagement of your business making it seem reliable.

25. WooCommerce Bookings:

The Bookings plugin is one more plugin that can actively boost your business sales, especially if your eCommerce site is a service provider. This plugin allows customers to book a product like a car or a refrigerator or a serviceman like an event manager, enabling both date and time based bookings. Multi-person and advanced bookings can also be made by the customers.

The above plugins are just examples to show how amazingly WooCommerce functions with thousands of plugins available to customize eCommerce sites. Apart from these plugins, you have several others which you might use depending on your business’s requirements.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall reply in a day or two. And yes, we can integrate best WooCommerce extensions in your eCommerce marketplace platform. Subscribe to our newsletter. Keep watching this space for insights on how to increase eCommerce sales and WooCommerce extensions. Our best wishes are with you and your eCommerce venture. Cheers!

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