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What are the Advantages of Mobile Commerce?

by GK June 04, 2018
advantages of mobile commerce

There is no denying that eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar industry. But here is a little known truth – Mobile ecommerce is also a multi-billion dollar industry.  Not so long ago, the cost of developing mobile apps was somewhere between $200,000 and $350,000. There are various factors that dictate the price to make a mobile app – for instance, one has to decide the type of platform – iOS, Android, Windows etc. Also, it is important to finalize the type of design – basic vs individual vs custom.

Today, it’s no longer difficult to build a mobile app. The cost of making business and retail apps has decreased significantly. With nearly 70% of the global population having mobile devices, and internet penetration increasing every day, merchants and entrepreneurs can dig the goldmine of mobile ecommerce.

Let’s now look at a few benefits of mCommerce.

  • Quick Purchase

mobile shopping

The retail app Amazon is a well-known name in the international arena. In 2015, Amazon had 43 million customers. By the end of 2016, the number grew from 43 million to 67 million. The officials feel that the historic increase in absolute numbers can be attributed to intuitive mobile browsing. And guess what, ever since 2014, revenue from mobile ecommerce or mCommerce is growing annually at 30-40%.

So, what’s the big news – mobile apps are at-least 1.5 times faster than mobile sites. Loading is quick and search results are displayed seamlessly. It’s the same reason why Amazon launched a mobile application despite having a site optimized for mobiles.

One of the key benefits of mobile ecommerce is easy and repeat purchase, all thanks to intuitive mobile browsing provisions.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

Personal shopping experience

Personalized shopping experience is all about delivering tailored and specific content to customers. And do audiences love personalized shopping? Of course, they do! The key is to not overdo it.

 Your mobile ecommerce site or application should be able to track the behavior of users and then accordingly suggest recommendations. For this, information about the location of users, social media profiles etc., should be collected.

A timeless case in point is how the Amazon app brilliantly served as many as 1,000,000 customers in 2 years. This phenomenal outreach is easier said than done. Amazon, the Washington based ecommerce giant, witnessed better customer engagement and improved customer loyalty.

We went off on a tangent and looked at how proximity marketing is being associated with personalized shopping experience. Proximity marketing uses iBeacons. iBeacons are nothing but sensors strategically positioned on shelves and product displays. The sensors interact with nearby mobile devices and deliver deals. Promotions are done through push notifications. Also, the signals keep the shoppers informed about new product arrivals and the items abandoned in shopping carts.

Another key element of proximity marketing is geo-targeting. Let’s say, I am in Sweden and I want to purchase knock-down furniture. What do I do? I will take my mobile phone, enable the GPS and navigate to the nearest IKEA store using the route pointers. It’s as easy as that! Geo-targeting takes customer experience to the next best level.

  • Enhanced Business Productivity and Cost Cutting   

business productivity & cost cutting

 No doubt, people spend a fortune on marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, mobile ecommerce entrepreneurs do not emphasize on WOM (Word-of-Mouth) and viral marketing. Mobile apps are augmented with social sharing features. Identify all those users who have made a purchase on one or more occasion. Motivate and encourage users to write reviews. Positive reviews will multiply your sales. And what’s the plus point here – you can do away with SMS messages and brochures. You don’t require any paper newsletters.

 And believe me, app maintenance costs are never a source of morbid concern. App development costs have come down. When compared to a fully functional web store, apps improve your business productivity by at-least 4%. Modern day applications let users scan the barcode of items. Users can acquaint themselves with the actual quantity of in-house inventory.   

  • Comforts of Electronic Payments

electronic payment`

In 2015, the retail industry in the US grew at 29%. In 2016, it grew at 21%. In 2017 too, the retail industry in the US registered double-digit growth rate. Don’t you think it’s a boon? Of course, it is! However, there is a catch- Only those sites that are optimized for mobiles can enjoy the upper hand. And if studies by Google are any indication of truth, here is another insight – As much as 67% of people preferred to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.   

So what’s the crux here? Of the many comforts that a mobile site offers, one of the noteworthy comforts is the effortless convenience of initiating a secure electronic payment through a multitude of options such as mobile wallets, mobile money, credit cards, debit cards etc.  In other words, “in-app” payments are a bliss.

  • Instant Accessibility

instant access

People are busy. No doubt, people still take time and visit stores. More often than not, the experience of visiting a store is pleasurable. But a store visit entails many activities- taking a public transportation or car, investing some time in exploring the departments of the store, waiting patiently in the line to clear the bills and making way back home.

Time is money. And people love money. Here is the good news- Mobile ecommerce saves time. It lets users to fill their mobile shopping carts and make purchases. Your site or app should be optimized for mobiles. Otherwise, the very idea of toying with ON THE GO purchases is doomed.


You should consider incorporating various features such as notifications, purchase options and availability, analytics and social media integration in your app. Your application should be smart. Smart entrepreneurs should make the most out of the numerous advantages of mobile commerce.  

Our team would love to help you in your endeavors. We intend to do stories and provide resourceful insights on the future of mobile ecommerce. The only way this can be possible is if you back us up with your subscriptions. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, do it now.

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