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20 Best Chatbot Platforms for Your Business

by GK November 23, 2017
best chatbot

If anything new has influenced the online platforms for the past two years it is the ai chatbot. 2016 was the year when chatbots were killing it in the online industry be it eCommerce or Social Media.

Ecommerce chatbot are aiding to the effectiveness and growth of online marketplaces. On the other hand Facebook chatbots and other social media bots have conquered the social networking stage.

best chatbots

The revenue generation of eCommerce platforms has been positively affected by the introduction of chatbots.

Going by predictions it is believed that by 2020 customer interactions will not include human intervention anymore.

Chatbots are conversation based applications that can be implemented to perform computerized tasks. These include gathering data from clients or helping customers find the relevant products for themselves.

AI chatbots basically decode human discussion and translate them to get the exact information they were looking for.

Now let us discuss 20 best chatbot platforms you can implement in your business.


According to an inspection by Mindbowser nearly 50% of the users recommend wit.ai. They believe that considering a chatbot platform, wit.ai is far ahead than any other.

More than a hundred thousand developers started using this platform by the mid-stage of 2017.

Wit.ai introduces Natural Language Processing which is a field of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.

NLP is primarily concerned with the conversations between humans and machines. Wit.ai uses actions, contexts and intents of human conversations and implements them into NLP.

Node.js, Python, Ruby are some of the clients of wit.ai. Developers can now use wit.ai with iOS, Windows Phone, iOS, Python, C, Raspberry Pi and a JavaScript plug-in.

A multi-lingual supported platform bearing up to 50 languages makes it more attractive. Moreover wit.ai comes free of cost.


Awarded with the prestigious Loebner’s trophy four times makes ChatScript top the list every time you speak of an ai chatbot.

This is a next generation chatbot platform used by tech startups as a source for natural language conversion.

ChatScript is an engine working according to the rules that have been previously slated. Dialog flow scripting is the technique by which rules are put forward in program scripts.

ChatScript incorporates a scripting Meta language as its source code.

With features such as power pattern matching to come up with synonyms this chatbot platform is highly rated. Features even include a simple outline using C as the scripting language.

There is an inbuilt dictionary coined as WordNet aiding in searching synonyms and antonyms.

ChatScript is platform independent and that’s what makes it special. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android as well. For support and maintenance of large projects it has relevant tools such as UTF8 support. UTF8 can read text written in any dialect.


Kiit.ai created its self-owned ChatFlow platform making it possible to design virtual voice assistants. Smart bots are also implemented using simple cut-paste integration that describes a dialogue visually.

Along with the design of the dialogue it also works out the flow being executed on the server.

Features include hotword detection, natural language understanding, communicable engine and semantic parsing.

ChatFlow is widespread on different platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Telegram and Slack.

ChatFlow won’t charge you anything if you want to sign up. It also lets u register with beta. This team in future will provide cheap access for developers while being expensive for business owners.

It’s Alive

It’s Alive is a platform primarily used to build Facebook chatbots which is also free.

The most notable speck of this platform is its techniques. A feature termed as “Recipes” helps you to respond immediately whenever users pen down specific keywords.

In case, your chatbot has ignored a keyword by mistake it will be archived in the “Recipies” section.

The platform of “It’s Alive” helps you to upload periodic content every week or month. It also sends RSS feeds and a one-time message manually to all those who have subscribed with chatbots.

“It’s Alive” trusts using decision trees and buttons to get their queries answered.


Api.ai is another top-notch ai chatbot platform with numerous applications, devices and services.

Its prime function is to match the question to the most relevant information on the internet. This information can also be gathered from the agent’s machine learning module.

It can also convert a question which had been put forward by the user into actionable data. Output data is collected as JavaScript Object Notation response object.

Software development kits such as android, iOS, HTML, JSP, Cordova, .Net, C++, Ruby, Python, Unity and Java are available.

Api.ai can support abundant languages including Brazilian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, English, Italian, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Ukrainian.

Api.ai is owned by Google as of now and is free to use. Since 2016 it has been possible to merge your Api.ai agent with “Actions on Google”. It even aids you in creating apps for Google assistant.

Semantic Machines

Semantic machines came up with a self-owned communication-based ai chatbot.

Some of the notable features include a communication device, speech recognition and synthesis, reinforcement learning and language generation technology.

These machines understand both commands and conversations.

This platform is one which is not at all dependent on the language.

IBM Watson

More than 60% businesses are powered by the bot building platform of IBM Watson.

Communication service is one of the most noted specks of IBM Watson built on a distinctive network. It uses more than a billion of Wikipedia words. Other features include understanding motives, interpretation of entities, supporting English and Japanese dialects.

IBM Watson incorporates development tools including Node, Java, Python, iOS and Unity software development kits.

You can choose from either the free, premium or standard plans.

Microsoft Bot Framework

More than 40% of the enterprises prefer using Microsoft Bot Framework as its chatbot platform.

It owns its personal Bot Builder Software Development Kit which has .NET and node.js development kits.

There are three basic parts of the entire framework. These include Bot Connector, Bot Directory and Developer Portal.

This framework also uses the Direct Line REST API which hosts the ai chatbot on applications and websites.

Microsoft Bot Framework is an open source platform allowing translation of 30 languages. It is available to everyone who is on Github. It somehow understands the needs of the users.

You can associate LUIS for language understanding, Bing API’s for browsing and Cortana for voice assistance.


LUIS is basically Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service understanding a customer’s intent. All of its services are domain-centric and is relevant to the content.

Dynamic learning is also a feature of LUIS. One can use pre-built frameworks from Bing and Cortana.

C#, Python, Node JS and Android are the software development kits available and put to action.

Languages supported here are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


This is the organization which came up with the concept of Human + AI client service. More than a chatbot this is a self learning tool which understands any dialect.

AI helps in foretelling case metadata and provides the best answers to the queries of the customer. Every customer conversation improves the learning curve of AI.

It has spectacular features of a neural network model, analytical operations, word headings and informational algorithms. DigitalGenius is implanted as a layer into pre-built client service software such as Salesforce.


A humongous number of more than a three hundred thousand chatbots has been fueled by Chatfuel. It has 17 million users all over the world.

A block is the primary element used in the creation of a bot.

It has more than one message cards which are forwarded to bot users. Blocks must be linked to each other with the help of buttons used in text or gallery cards. This is what Chatfuel does exactly.

Chatfuel is also a free chatbot platform which supports more than 50 different languages.


This application programming interface named Pandorabots commences a bot hosting feature which you can include in your own application.

Software development kits used are Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node js and Go. Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is used by Pandorabots and also includes the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. A.L.I.C.E is basically an ai chatbot used for natural language processing.

Abundant languages are understood by Pandorabots.

Such an excellent API is used in promotions, virtual assistance, online learning and entertainment. Universities and educational institutions use this platform for imparting education.

Pandorabots is officially classified into the group of Artificial Intelligence as a service.


As the name suggests, Pypestream uses “pypes” and “streams” for keyword analyzing. Natural language processing is also carried out with this controlled structure.

An open source API platform encourages personalization and development of plug-ins and other components.

Pypestream has Smart Messaging Framework incorporated in it. It also includes software development kits such as Pypeconnect. Pypemanager and Pypestream are mobile based applications allowing customizations.

Washington Gas and Billboard being its biggest clients, Pypestream has powered more than 500 businesses altogether.


This is a chatbot platform specifically created for use in Latin American countries. For this reason Agentbot especially supports Spanish and Portuguese languages.

The features of this platform include sensibility which is really important in case of conversations. Agenbot appreciates natural language and has a memory good enough to stock all customer conversations.

This is an ever-growing platform collecting information to provide useful answers and clears doubts. Agentbot works with any customer relationship management system be it human conversation or a third party service.


Chatterbot is one ai chatbot which is generally a Python Library.

It uses specks and details from previous conversations in order to answer the immediate questions put forward by clients.

This platform does not depend on any dialect.

Chatterbot uses the 3-Clause BSD License for validating the software.


Motion.ai is a chatbot platform which can be incorporated to prepare, build and station chatbots on Messenger. They can also be stationed and built on your own website.

In motion.ai you simply need to drag and drop compatible pieces which would represent steps in your conversation flow.

Motion.ai includes extensions which can be developed by certain codes. This tool would support the compilation of node.js code straight into your issue which makes API consumption hassle-free.

Your bot will be livelier with this tool. Motion.ai is free if the first two bots are taken into account.


Botsify offers few modules enabling you to integrate your platform with chatbot by means of RSS-channel or JSON API.

Botsify comes up with a paid subscription which is also implemented for the betterment of customer service.

Creating ai chatbots without the aid of coding is what Botsify is all about.

Botsify is free till you use a single chatbot.


Botkit is generally used to formulate bot applications for Facebook Messenger as well as other platforms inclusive of bots. It encourages developers to create robust bot applications.

The assorted tools including “BotKit Studio”, a central archive and modules to upgrade bots have made Botkit spectacular.

This is also an open source platform accessible on GitHub.


Smooch is again another communication platform for spreading information through multiple channels.

The salient features of this tool include addition of payments to discussions and forums and matching up with conversations.

Smooch uses a single API with which you can now deliver across numerous channels.

Smooch is also complimentary if conversations are restricted to 500 per month.

Flow Xo

Flow Xo allows incorporating more than a 100 in-built features and classifications.

One can construct a computerized bot, human or consolidated messaging ownership.

Communicate with users through the aid of helpdesk and emails. Another way is the inclusion of a web widget to endorse your bots.

Here we have discussed the top 20 chatbot platforms available in the market. Out of these many there will be definitely some which will be useful to you.

If it is essential for your business to incorporate a chatbot then go for it. There are thousands available on the internet if you look properly. There are domain-centric tools or universal tools.

There are also platforms by which you can develop your chatbot using Software Development Kits.    Some platforms even support English and are free of coding.

It is time for you to decide which chatbot will help in attaining a spectacular customer service.

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