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7 Best Visual Commerce Platforms for E-Commerce Marketing

by GK July 30, 2019

Social media has transformed the way the content is being consumed by users. A few years ago, Newspaper articles, written reviews, and text blogs were ruling the content consumption world.

Today the trio of social media, smart devices, and fast-internet has paved way for the amplified consumption of beautiful high-quality images, videos, infographics, and much more. Visuals even play a crucial role in the consumer’s buying journey.

Visualize this:

Visuals are processed 60000 times faster than text

Research has shown that 90% that stays in our brain is all visual.

eCommerce is one such place where marketers are incorporating powerful visuals to amplify their reach, awareness, and conversions. Visual commerce, a term that has emerged as a result of the rising importance of visuals in the commerce industry.

But what does Visual commerce stand for and how it helps in eCommerce marketing?

We have broken it down for better understanding.

Visual Commerce: The need of the hour

Visual commerce is about adding striking and creative visuals to your products and offerings to make it more visually appealing, attractive, and engaging with the purpose of increasing engagement, sharing, and conversions.

From exploring products on social media, sharing visuals, watching video reviews, researching user-generated visual content to engaging with brand pushed infographics, images, and video advertisements.

Consumers are accessing visuals more than ever and their shopping intention is hugely influenced by it. This has challenged the marketers to constantly design, curate, and deliver engaging and interesting visual content to the users.

eCommerce especially is at most beneficial stage given the importance of visuals. Nike is one such example where they provide a human face and story-telling imagery to their products. This helps in connecting with the audiences’ sentiments and communicates the message more effectively.

Products accompanied with visual throughout the eCommerce platform make it more interesting, provides better utility context, enhancing product discoverability, social proof through user-generated content, and amplify shopping experience of consumers

We have accumulated 7 best visual commerce platforms that will immensely help in your eCommerce business and providing a superlative consumer experience.

  1. TaggShop

TaggShop is an advanced segment of Taggbox. TaggShop is a visual commerce tool that allows you to convert the visual content from different social media platforms into a shoppable feed.


You can tag products shown in images with links to buy them directly from the visual itself. This helps in shortening the consumer’s buying journey allowing them to make the purchase in real-time. It converts the point-of-inspiration (visual) into point-of-sale (shop) instantly.

This reduces bounce rate, low engagement, cart abandonment and amplifies reach, conversions by enhancing the consumer experience through convenience and swiftness.

You can further moderate the content you want to show, social media platforms to collect content from, highlight user-generated content to show as social proof, and customize the theme, look, and feel of the visual content feed. 

  1. Olapic

Olapic pulls off the content marketing strategies extremely effectively and uniquely by collecting the user-generated content from different social media platforms and shows as a comprehensive and attractive stream to the users.


Olapic’s key is that they display high-quality refined user-generated content along with products to display how the product would look like in real-life use.

This helps in saving time, cost and money for brands to develop content for their eCommerce. Lululemon, Steve Madden, Jet blue are some clients using Olapic.

  1. Photoslurp

Photoslurp is another amazing visual commerce platform that curates, analyzes and publishes user-generated content in a creative way on an eCommerce platform.

With the aim of delivering higher engagement and increasing conversions for eCommerce, Photoslurp collects user-generated content such as images and videos from all social media platforms for integration to your eCommerce website.

It helps in enhancing the shopping journey of the consumers on eCommerce platforms.

  1. Curalate

Curalate is a technologically-advanced visual commerce platform instilled with artificial intelligence that links images and videos to the products through the image recognition feature.

Similarly, Curalate also gathers visual content from social media platforms to display it to users and further you can monetize the content by tagging products shown in visual content.

It is an excellent tool for enhancing product discoverability that leads to better conversions and revenue growth.

  1. Yotpo

People tend to believe recommendations from their peers, reviews, photos & videos from existing customers when making a purchase over eCommerce platforms.


Yotpo is one such user-generated content marketing platform that curates, manages and publishes content. It then customizes the gathered images, reviews, videos to drive engagement, amplify awareness, and enhance conversions.

It is an excellent tool as even after the purchase is made, it has features to retain customers which is a huge benefit for the eCommerce platforms.

  1. Stackla

Stackla keeps user-generated content at the heart of their content marketing plan for brands. Stackla is powered by artificial intelligence that manages user-generated content by discovering and suggesting the best visual content for your eCommerce platforms.


Stackla allows you to curate, aggregate, and publish engaging visual content for displaying it to the audience by embedding it on your website. And Toyota, CitiBank, and Adidas are some key clients for Stackla.

  1. Adsmurai

Adsmurai is also a helpful visual commerce platform that displays user-generated content for your marketing campaigns to provide social proof and enhance engagement & sales.


It works with real-time content updates, easy-to-use, permission management to harness legal content. It is empowered with machine-learning to find the best and most relevant visual content for personalized and superior user experience.

These visual commerce platforms are extremely resourceful and cost-effective for the value they deliver. With content marketing automation, artificial intelligence, customization, and moderation you can yield productive results.

So, if you are eager to boost your eCommerce reach, engagement, and conversions then make sure you employ any of these visual commerce platforms for your eCommerce website.

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