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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways To Keep Your E-commerce Transactions Safe

by GK May 08, 2019 Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways have been around for a while now. As an e-tail entrepreneur, eCommerce payment gateways are the ones fetching

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Online rental business

All You Need to Know to Start an Online Rental Marketplace

by GK April 30, 2019 Rental Marketplace

Various studies have found that a major proportion of consumers these days prefer renting a product rather than buying it

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How to Start a Grocery Store Online?

by GK April 22, 2019 Online grocery store

No matter what’s the trend, grocery supplies will always be in demand. People will constantly buy their daily supplies from

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Emerging Service Marketplace Platform and it’s Future: What it takes to satisfy the millennial’s

by GK April 15, 2019 Service marketplace

A $214 billion industry that is expected to touch the $400 billion mark by 2021 is indeed a great arena

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How ShopyGen developed Zambia’s First Online Shopping Mall- Case Study – Part 2

by GK April 10, 2019 Case Study

Further in continuation to the part-1 Implementation Post analysis and feasibility test, we shared the report and SRS document with

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How ShopyGen developed Zambia’s First Online Shopping Mall – Case Study – Part 1

by GK April 10, 2019 Uncategorized

Digital Revolution has changed the way business is being done in most of the countries. From commerce to eCommerce, it

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What is Drop Shipping and How does it work?

by GK April 08, 2019 Drop shipping, Drop shipping business

What is Drop-shipping? Drop-shipping is a business model that lets you to market and sell unique products without any inventory

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How to Make an App like Uber: Process, Features and Cost Checklists

by GK April 03, 2019 Uber

A visionary entrepreneur would hardly resist a chance to capitalize on innovative business ideas. Uber’s is one such visionary idea

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Uber Business Model | How does Uber Make Money?

by GK March 27, 2019 Uber

As one of the most successful and controversial startups in Silicon Valley, the Uber business plan took the poorly organized

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custom ecommerce platform vs saas ecommerce

Custom eCommerce platform vs SaaS vs PaaS – Which is Better (Infographics)

by GK February 15, 2019 node js ecommerce, Shopping Cart Software

Starting an eCommerce business was never this easy like it is in 2019. Today, we have accessible eCommerce platforms that

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