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10 Tips to boost your conversions through Email Campaigns

by GK September 15, 2017
email campaign conversions

When it comes to the most professional strategies of digital marketing being implemented in eCommerce, email marketing would top the list. Though there are many new platforms that are being used to gain customer attention and increase customer engagement, eCommerce email marketing still remains an effective means to achieve the same. It is a sorry state of affairs as a few companies have restrained themselves from the concept of email marketing eCommerce due to the perception that it has become an age-old practice. Another myth with zero merits is that people are no longer responsive towards email marketing campaigns.

On more than one occasion, email marketing debunked such myths and continues to be one of the major facilitators of eCommerce conversion rate. That being said, the importance of email marketing lies in the campaigns you run. Even the best of campaigns may fail to bring out results if not implemented in a proper manner. Here are some tips on email campaigns that can help boost your eCommerce sales:

  1. Effective Welcome Mails:

If you are aiming at conversion rate optimization, then this is the first important step you need to take. Welcome mails must be sent into your customers as soon as they register or sign up to your service. Personalize the mails you send – address the customer by his / her name individually. As you are creating the first impression, ensure that you make it the best by sending them promising content related to your business. Offer them a discount on the first purchase or a gift voucher appreciating them for choosing your brand. Also, let them know when you would be sending emails for email subscribers and what would be the content involved in them.

  1. Landing Page for Every Email Campaign:

Once you ensure that you have sent some encouraging welcome emails to your customers, you can start with your email campaigns. Now when you carrying out a campaign apart from the email you send, there should be a guided destination that you would want the customers to reach and go through. The best of destination choices will be a ‘landing page’. When you consider the advantages of having a visually appealing landing page, the first one would be- the relevance of the information provided in the email. A landing page helps you deliver the information you provide in the mail in a more detailed manner, not deviating the customers’ attention to any other possibility. Furthermore, if you redirect the customer to your website through the mail, the customer might not have the interest to search for the campaign page; in such case, your efforts go in vain.

  1. Praise Your Customers:

Praise Your Customers

Take the opportunity to flatter your customers. Many studies reveal that people who are flattered tend to perform tasks more enthusiastically when compared to the ones who are directly asked to. Implementing the results of the same, before you send out the actual content in the mail, praise your customer. Thank them for staying connected with you or say that you feel obliged for having received good feedback on their purchase or something similar. This should persuade the customers to concentrate more on the mail content.

  1. Ensure that Your Messages Go to the Inbox:

‘Spam’ is what all email marketers are afraid of. If your mails are not going to the inboxes of your customers, then there is nothing you could do for enhancing the conversion rate optimization. Therefore, it is very important to check if your mails are not going to Spam or Junk folders. Make sure that you are authenticated to send in emails and giving guidelines to your customers to mark your mail ‘Not Spam’ even though it went to the Spam folder.

  1. Focus on the Subject Lines of the Emails:

Subject Lines of the Emails

If there is anything that would let you lure the customer to open your mail, then it is the subject line alone. If the customer doesn’t find it interesting enough, then the chances are very high that he/she would skip reading your mail. So focus on the subject line, make it as personalized as possible; for example, include the customer’s name in it. By doing so, you are improving your relationship with the customer. And see that the subject line induces certain excitement, anxiety or happiness in the customer. Here are some tested email subject lines that you can refer to.

  1. Integrate Social Sharing Buttons:

As we know how important social media has become in engaging customers, it is recommended to include social media icons in your mail (preferably in the footer). A study by GetResponse revealed that emails including at least 3 of the company’s social share buttons get a 55% more click-through response rate when compared to ones that do not. These buttons also depict how popular and engaging your business is on all platforms.

  1. Check the Mail Template:

Mail Template

Most of the mail marketers do not consider the importance of the mail templates. But you should not be one among them. Do not continue with a single template for all your campaigns, because visually appealing templates also improve conversion rates. Keep changing your template – the number of links, images, etc. you include must vary accordingly. Moreover, ensure that your template is supported in all kinds of devices – smartphone, laptop or PC, tablets, etc.

  1. Maintain List Quality:

Your customers will definitely vary with respect to many factors. So sending the same kind of mail to each and every customer without focusing on what they prefer will lead to no good. So before you send in emails, categorize your customers based on certain factors like – marital status, gender, kind of purchases they have made earlier, which services they have subscribed for, etc. This would help you in sending emails relevant to the customer preferences thus boosting the conversion rates.

  1. Decide the Best Day to Send Mails:

The most preferred days of the week to send in emails are Tuesday and Thursday according to a study made by MailChimp. Mails sent on these days have observed greater response rates than the ones sent on any other day. However, this might not be the case with your business. So it is your responsibility to check in with your customers’ behavior; observe on which days the customers are responding more to your mails and follow up with the results.

  1. Track Your Progress:

It is important to know how effectively your campaigns are running and how are your customers responding to your mails. You can track this by checking the open rates and click rates of your mails. How many customers are opening and clicking through the mail versus how many opened the mail can give you an insight into your progress. You can even segment your customers as active and inactive ones based on the results.

We hope these insights would offer you some assistance in planning mail campaigns for boosting your eCommerce conversion sales.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for further insights on eCommerce email marketing. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about eCommerce conversion optimization. My best wishes are with you and your eCommerce venture. Cheers!

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