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How to Build an Online Grocery Store using GenCart?

by GK July 15, 2017
Build an Online Grocery Store

Online grocery store eliminates the difficulties of traditional grocery shopping from supermarket and hypermarket. Shoppers don’t have to wait in the queue for billing, use discount coupons and promotional offers to get products at an affordable price, save on travel time and avail door delivery services. Online grocery stores are gaining popularity, especially among urban households. Currently, 25% of online shopping products are grocery orders and the number is predicted to double by the end of this year.

Online grocery business models are,

  1. Physical supermarkets having their own online store
  2. You can provide a platform for sellers to list their grocery products and your store can deliver the products
  3. You could tie-up with grocery stores and promote their products on your website
  4. Your grocery store lists various grocery stores across the country and your store provides on-demand delivery

As the online grocery business is booming, it has become increasingly important to address the customer issues that are still lingering and deliver a personalized experience to every customer. An online grocery business plan must fulfill the following considerations.

1. People Abandon Websites that Load Slowly:

The importance of having a fast loading website and an app cannot be stressed enough. Stats reveal 51% of online shoppers cite slow loading eCommerce stores to be the prime reason to abandon shopping mid-way. Time and convenience are two important factors that cannot be discounted in any online business. Fix all the issues that are causing your e-store to load slowly and take measures to make sure the speed is good all the time.

2.Be Mobile-Friendly Business:

4 out of 5 shoppers prefer shopping through smartphones, so your business has to be available on the medium that is most preferred. Also, you can stay in touch with your customers easily through push notifications. Notify about the latest offers, recent product arrivals, product delivery etc.

3. On-Demand Delivery:

Provide on-demand delivery or integrate a delivery tracking feature into your online grocery store’s app to make it more customer friendly.

4. Use One-Step Checkout:

Make it as easy as possible for your consumers to make payments and check out. Multi-page check out is an instant turn off as they have to furnish a lot of details and it is time-consuming.

5. Offer Recurring Payments Services:

Integrating recurring payments extension will encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Repeat purchase in grocery means a set of loyal customers who will make purchases every month. Once a customer is satisfied with a web store, they tend to stick to the same unless they find another exceptionally great store. Also, it is easier to retain existing customer when compared to bringing in new customers.

How to Build an Online Grocery Store?

Build your own online grocery store using ShopyGen, white-label e-commerce software, and launch your store in less than 48 hours.


What is GenCart?

GenCart is a turn-key grocery delivery software solution to instantly launch your online grocery store. It is a complete white-label solution for the web and mobile applications. The wide range of features equips you to deliver superior customer delivery experience.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Admin Panel:

It’s sleek and responsive admin panel works efficiently across various devices – laptop, tablet, and mobile. You can control and moderate the site completely – add products, shops, categories, managing coupons, payment gateways etc.

Notification System:

As the admin of your eCommerce store, you will receive the web and mobile notifications for every activity on your store. The updates will help keep things in a track of all the parties involved in your business process.

Powerful Location-Based Features:

Proximity algorithms used in the system will help deliver results based on proximity to the user. The vicinity feature helps sellers during the delivery process. Integration of Google maps is also done in the system to help the users find the stores in a particular area.

Multi Vendor Delivery:

Ordering via multiple stores features where your customers can pick items from multiple stores and add it to their shopping list. Let your shoppers pick anything they want to and enjoy shopping with you without having to worry about delivery and minimum order limit.

Discount Coupons:

Coupons are something that every shopper looks for. The script has a built-in feature that allows you to create coupons from within the website and mobile application. Enrich your shoppers’ experience by creating coupons for exclusive purchase, loyal customers, promotional offers or any other discounts.

Track Order Status:

Customers are information-oriented and smart online shoppers these days. Admin and users can track their orders at any time.

Delivery Slot for Shoppers:

Go the extra mile to deliver the orders as per your customer’s convenience. Create different delivery slots on your eCommerce store where your user can choose a time for delivery of their order.

Easy Payments:

Users can store their credit card information for quick checkouts and recurring payments. Numerous payment gateways are integrated with the system, including PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.

You purchase the ShopyGen software once and own the source code. This means no recurring month-on-month payments like most of the other software products in the market. After purchase, your software will be set up as per your requirements and installed on your server.

Build your own online grocery store using ShopyGen and make money through these ways.

Make Money

1. Commission:

As the admin of the store, you get a commission on each sale that every vendor (seller) makes on your store.

2. Feature Products for a Fee:

Seller pays to feature his product listing in premium places on the e-store. Premium spots include top results while searching specific products, list as recommended products when users search for similar products on your store, feature the product listing on selected pages that user is bound to look at during his search. The ultimate idea is to give more visibility to the product for the user to purchase it.

3. Listing Fee:

Seller pays a fee to list each product on your store. You could also have policies in place for the regular sellers to pay a fixed listing fee for a particular number of products. When quality sellers remain in your store, you make quality sales, which means better credit worthiness. It’s a cycle. When people trust you, they buy from you and become repeat buyers with your service.

4. Premium Subscription:

For sellers who want to take advantage of delivering their orders in one day to make more sales list their products under prime subscription. The seller listed under this pays an additional sum of money to your e-store for this.

5. Banner Ads:

The seller advertises his products for a price in key areas on your e-store for increased visibility.

Online grocery platforms focus on two main areas to capture growth.

Target Households:

Young people in the urban areas, families in the suburban and older singles

Meet Underserved Needs: 

Eliminate the inconvenience of constant physical shopping. Encourage sellers to post videos of those products that the consumer will want to know more about before purchasing it. Have buyer protection and seller protection policies in place so both the parties are secure. With all the features available in the software, placing order and delivery is made simple. Return, refund, and exchange policy are equally important. List your business’ terms & conditions for transparency on your store. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have open communication and transparent relationship.

Start your online grocery store now and compete with big names like Amazon Grocery, Local Harvest, and Walmart Grocery.

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