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Create Multivendor Marketplace using GenStore Marketplace Software

by GK July 20, 2017
Multivendor Marketplace

Of late, eCommerce entrepreneurs have been displaying a healthy obsession with multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platforms. With the advent of GenStore, a white-labeled marketplace platform known for its fantastic Node.js framework, starting an online business has become a ritual of sorts. The fact that GenStore leverages the same technology which top giants such as Google, Facebook and IBM are idolizing, GenStore is considered the wizard of multi vendor shopping carts. Sellers often have turbulent experiences while creating an online store with any marketplace. However, creating an online store on GenStore is easy. Here is a brief note on the same:

STEP 1: Select a Professionally Designed Theme:

GenStore is known to have regard for a wide collection of free and premium themes. Select a theme of your choice from Genstore’s Theme Store. If you are looking for a corporate or a retail theme, GenStore doesn’t disappoint you. Chances are, you’ll spot all your favorite themes almost immediately.

STEP 2: Customize the Theme:

Customize the Theme

In the same spirit, tweak the setting of the chosen GenStore theme and customize it as per your desire.  GenStore themes offer immense flexibility when it comes to changing even the finest details. GenStore’s templating language is unchallenged till now and perfectly captures the spirit of digital marketers, programmers, designers, and coders. If you are a tech-savvy seller, you can easily make changes to HTML and CSS blocks of code. If you are not a tech-savvy seller, don’t panic. Get in touch with a GenStore expert, demand your due and get your work done. It is as simple as it can ever get.

STEP 3: Define Categories:

Define Categories

People with an enviable pedigree in eCommerce will find it easy to define their categories. For example, if your father has a pleasant experience selling apparel online, he may just pass on the knowledge to you. People with prior experience have an easy time defining their categories. For amateurs, it can be challenging. Lack of clarity can result in confusion and very often, confusion breeds chaos. It is therefore suggested to get in touch with one of the GenStore experts. He / She will help you get your doubts clarified.  It is important to do market research – both primary and secondary. It is also important to understand what your competitors are doing. You should then take a decision accordingly.

STEP 4: Specify Products:

The best thing about GenStore is that it has several provisions to let you do business practically and systematically. Once you define categories, you should specify products. Every product should have at-least three images- each image should be captured in a separate angle/orientation. Do not upload poor quality images. Images should be HD (High Definition). More often than not, sellers upload images which have 2000 pixels width. This is a common practice. For the initiated, product-images should neither have any watermarks nor have any fictitious characters. Do not pick images from Google. All the images available on the web are not free. As a matter of fact, most of the images are owned by individuals/companies / organizations.

It is recommended to purchase a professional camera and a tripod to click photos of products. If necessary, you can purchase a silver-coated lens. Consistency in lighting is a valuable trait.

STEP 5: Explore the Store:

Explore the store and you will appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of GenStore eCommerce multivendor marketplace platform. You can dictate navigation of the website and you are at liberty to change the site content and do much more. Growth hackers at GenStore understand that content marketing is alive and kicking. It is in this spirit they have added innumerable provisions to run blogs. You can update content in various formats such as videos, infographics etc.

STEP 6: Enable Customers to Create Accounts:

It isn’t an uphill battle for customers to create their respective accounts. It is a one-time process. As the user-interface is pretty much intuitive and straight forward, it takes a few clicks and a few minutes to complete every milestone of account creation process.

STEP 7: Group Customers:

There is no denying that business decisions hinge extensively on analytics. GenStore let us group customers according to various parameters such as location, purchase history etc. The classy analytics module will flicker scintillating rays on insights on the following:

  • What are the buying preferences of customers from regions X, Y, Z?
  • Who is buying at what price?
  • Do buying habits reflect any pattern?

If there is anything abdominal and insensitive, analytics module will help you immediately resolve and address the same.

STEP 8: Payment:

There is an interesting saying in eCommerce – Orders are sanity, Cash is reality. Cash is what defines your bread-and-butter pick. GenStore supports many payment gateways. If you want additional payment gateways to be incorporated into your store, talk to the support staff of GenStore. The checkout process is smooth and more often than not, it is sans any glitches or hassles. ECommerce industry is infamous for the security breach, data theft, and fraud. Under the guiding eyes of 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, all your transactions will be safe and secure. To facilitate e-commerce across nations and borders, GenStore comes in multiple languages. Another grueling issue which sellers often face is multi-currency and tax support. GenStore takes care of this as well. Shipping rates are also dynamically priced. And the endearing aspect of this multivendor shopping cart is that it is PCI compliant. Don’t worry about the uptime. It is 99.99% and you will have no issues with bandwidth.

STEP 9: Marketing:

Amidst the barrage of competitors, the true spirit of an entrepreneur lies in never backing off. GenStore understands this in the truest of terms and hence, this multivendor eCommerce marketplace platform supports search engine optimization best practices. To ensure that your products featured on the initial pages of Google, GenStore creates sitemap.xml files. To keep your customers happy, especially the loyal ones, you can create coupons by using ‘Coupon Generator’ module.

It is also important to capture the 50 shades of social media platforms and hence, GenStore is built with sufficient provision to let your customers sign in with their respective social media accounts. To strike a chord with your target audiences, Mail Chimp is integrated into this multivendor shopping cart.

The bottom line is that GenStore gives you a leg up in the eCommerce industry. If you face any problem in any of the steps mentioned above, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall reply in a day or two. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on multivendor eCommerce marketplace platforms. Keep watching this space for insights on eCommerce industry and eCommerce best business practices. Our best wishes are with you and your online store. Cheers!

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