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Custom eCommerce platform vs SaaS vs PaaS – Which is Better (Infographics)

by GK February 15, 2019
custom ecommerce platform vs saas ecommerce

Starting an eCommerce business was never this easy like it is in 2019. Today, we have accessible eCommerce platforms that build your eCommerce websites and mobile apps in a lesser time. This infographic presents a comparison chart for three main types of eCommerce platforms popular among the entrepreneurs seeking best eCommerce platform for startups.

If you looking for an efficient eCommerce platform to business in a quicker time, this chart can give you a quick start. Here we have discussed three of the best eCommerce platforms for small business to the biggest of the enterprises.

  • SaaS- Software as a Service
  • PaaS- Platform as a Service
  • Custom eCommerce platform

Out of the three, SaaS is the most common name. However, in terms of solutions deployed till date, PaaS is the top contender. Many a time, people confuse SaaS with PaaS. Here is an explanation to clear your concepts if you cannot differentiate between SaaS eCommerce, PaaS eCommerce, and custom eCommerce platforms.

  • The major differences are in the way these solutions are delivered to the entrepreneurs.
  • PaaS and PaaS platforms deliver the solutions through cloud hosts via internet.
  • SaaS: A SaaS eCommerce platform delivers only software solutions, which are deployed on a third-party host offering the cloud services.
  • PaaS: If a SaaS platform also provides hardware support with the software solutions it becomes a PaaS.
  • Custom eCommerce platforms: They are ready-made solutions coming with source code access, and are delivered as self-hosted. We can customize the source codes to add any new feature.

Here are a few examples-

  • SaaS eCommerce solutions- BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop Cloud
  • PaaS eCommerce solutions- Magento Commerce
  • Turnkey eCommerce solutions- Genstore, Reaction Commerce

What makes Customized/turnkey solutions better than SaaS or PaaS?

There is no doubt that both SaaS and PaaS are best eCommerce platforms for startups with small to biggest requirements. In fact, they are more popular these days. However, despite being so less talked, custom eCommerce platforms hold some additional benefits that cloud platform do not –

You can go through this detailed comparison infographics to understand many such benefits and cons of all three types of platforms. It will help you make an informed choice-

custom ecommerce platform vs saas ecommerce

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