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Live demo of our products

Genstore ( eCommerce marketplace )
Gentack ( Taskrabbit clone )
Gentask ( Thumbtack clone )
Mobigen ( mobile marketplace )
Gencart ( Grocery marketplace )
Facebook Messenger BOT

Frontend : http://gentack.info
User login – user@gentack.info / 123456
Provider login – provider@gentack.info / 123456
Admin backend : http://gentack.info/admin/login
admin login – admin@gentack.info / 123456

Android apps :

User App – link

Service Provider App – link

iOS apps :

user app – link

service provider app – link

Developer docsLink

Getting started basicsLink

User guidesLink

Admin setup guideLink

Web – http://gentask.info/

User – user@gentask.info

Provider – provider@gentask.info

Admin Panel – http://gentask.info/admin

Android Apps

User App – Link

Provider App – Link

iOs Apps

User App – Link

Provider App – Link

Android app: Link

iOS app: Link

username: test@mobigen.biz

password: test123

Admin panel demohttp://backend.mobigen.biz/login

username: admin@mobigen.biz
password: admin

Server requirementLink

Knowledge baseLink

Front end demohttp://gencart.info

username: srigk06@gmail.com
password: 123123

Admin panel demohttp://gencart.info/admin/login

username: admin@gencart.info
password: 123456

Shopper’s panel demohttp://gencart.info/shopper/login

username: shopper@gencart.info
password: 123456

Getting startedLink

Developer docsLink

Knowledge baseLink

Please check Mobigen app to test the Facebook messenger BOT


Visit this Facebook Page and open Messenger app to chat with the BOT.

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