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Should eCommerce Businesses Approach Different Customer Types?

by GK December 01, 2017
E-commerce Businesses Approach

If we are looking to establish that eCommerce businesses must approach different customer types, then, first of all, we need to be familiar with the nature of different customers.

You might come up with spectacular eCommerce business ideas. But making them work is an important factor.

Don’t you think understanding the customer is crucial?

Once you have an idea about the needs of your customer the customer-admin relationship will improve.

Every customer is different from one another and that’s the reason you list numerous products on your website. If every customer would have been the same, there would have been no point commencing an eCommerce marketplace.

eCommerce marketplace entrepreneurs also must develop a foolproof marketing strategy considering the diversity among customers.

It is commendable to run a survey on the current market for niche products to get eCommerce product ideas.

Customers are generally divided into two types. One type signifies the shopping behavior of the buyers. The other defines the customer relationship status with the eCommerce marketplace.

What does it mean when we state the term “Shopping Behavior”?

Shopping behavior is a term used to denote the way a person likes to shop at an eCommerce marketplace. It refers to the attitude of the buyer and what products attract them the most.

Let us analyze the trend followed by shoppers so that one can distinguish among customers. Let us see what influences the shopping behavior and what the types of customers are.


    These are the customers who have a clear idea about their requirements. They know exactly what to look for are where to look for in an eCommerce marketplace.These customers are the ones who would not leave you a platform and go for other choices. Product specification is what matters least to them. In case the item they look for is not on the eCommerce platform, they would go for the one which is closest to what they were looking for.These individuals do not care about a specific product. All that matters to them is how fast they can buy the product without any hassle. Speed and time-constraints being the key, it is easy to approach this class of customers. Getting a decent bandwidth will solve all your problems. Basically, all that this crowd wants to make sure is that the pages load fast and browsing is simple. They look for images with high resolution, commendable content and a cart which leads to a simple delivery process.  

    Getting to this crowd of consumers might be tricky but not troublesome. This is the group who hop across every eCommerce website available on the internet to compare them.Suppose they are looking to buy apparel from your store. On noting the quoted price, they will definitely go to another platform to compare the price. These individuals are more of window shoppers than real ones. browsers

They might browse your website just to spend time without any motive. More than 20% of the population is doing exactly the same thing. Solving this equation is the main challenge.

Make an alluring offer which your customer can’t deny. Give them a demonstration to let them know what’s new in store. Their browsing experience must be such that they wouldn’t require shifting of the platform.  

    Selective buyers are the ones who are quite particular about what they want to own. They are even choosy about their preferred brand and the store they want the buy from.They even take reviews penned by other buyers into consideration if it concerns their chosen product.These individuals generally go through a lot of research sessions over the internet before buying a product. After nearly a month’s research, they plan on buying it. They look for detailed descriptions and facts related to the product. If you are the owner of an eCommerce website then describe your products properly. Along with product images try adding videos and reviews as well. Don’t be biased while discussing specifications since this choosy lot will find out every detail of the product.

    This is another interesting group of audience who do not consider bargain as discounts. These are the ones getting lured by discounts and rebates but they are continuously looking for more.Such followers will only be happy when they see that they aren’t charged for shipping. Even if certain products are useless to them, they will still buy combo-packs when the offer is alive.Your customer needs to know the discount percentage you are going to offer. Make things visible by quoting the market price, the discount in percentage and the selling price post-discount. Keep the discounted items under one single subcategory and include free shipping of products to the customer’s delight.

    There are some reasons as to why individuals would be a onetime visitor to your website. One of the prime reasons might be you being the only store where a product is being sold. Another reason is getting hands to a discount coupon for a buy from your website.The only hurdle faced by onetime buyers is the need to sign up.Many eCommerce websites ask for numerous details and to sign up before a product is bought. This is troublesome with respect to those making a onetime buy from your store.

Give them the option to browse as a guest and order using the same benefits as subscribed users. Everything depends on the experience you create for them, to come back and register.


How can you improve the customer-owner relationship?

The customer-admin relationship is very important in regards to any customer-centric business. These customers can be classified on the basis of the time they have spent on your website.


    A potential customer is one who predictably boosts your revenue with high chances of adding value to businesses. Considering the current market and the competition one cannot afford to lose a potential customer.These individuals lay their faith upon you and are sure about acquiring their essential stuff from you. potentials customers If you stick to your promises then nothing is better than that. Sell products at a value quoted earlier. Doesn’t matter what product you are selling. Remember your potential customer came to your website because of some attractive link.

    The customers who you were trying to convert from potential are the newest additions. On the other hand, there are ones who would visit your website once, shop and tend to like it.The potential customers on buying a product from you and helping in the generation of revenue turn into new clients.You as an owner can thank your customers for choosing you out of the lot. You can hand over a discount coupon for them to be relished during the immediate next buy. Give an amazing experience to the customer so that they come back for more.

    Who doesn’t love a loyal customer? Everyone does, but still, we take them for granted because of the confidence they give us.These are the ones who will return to your website no matter what they require. They are also called repeat customers who we generally forget to acknowledge.Provide exclusive offers for this group of people. Give them discounts no one else can avail. Let your loyal customers be the first ones to relish rebates. Make them feel special and by doing so they will keep returning to your platform.

    These are customers who have lost trust in your business due to one or many incapability of your website.Clients might have experienced a terrible customer service or they couldn’t find proper deals sufficient for their needs. Lost customers generally go off the hook to buy products from other websites without wasting much time.In any way, a lost customer is a huge loss to a business. Take some time to find out what had gone wrong with those customers. Review your sales flowchart and see if you have missed any speck. Try to overcome the shortcomings in your sales funnel. Find out why your customers left your platform for some other marketplace. Offer them discounts and promotions to lure them back to your website. Try to make an offer they would not be able to reject.

Now the question that is left unanswered is should eCommerce businesses approach different customer types?

Definitely, you would want to approach different customer types. Remember, your customers are the building blocks of your eCommerce business. So you must consider the fact that your customers will be different from one another. Your eCommerce business ideas must be customer-centric. An excellent website is one which is inclusive and caters the need for every consumer group. Apart from the points stated above you can introduce some eCommerce product ideas which are brand new and would aid in generating commendable revenue.  

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