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Advanced eCommerce SEO Checklist – Ultimate Guide

by GK August 22, 2017
eCommerce SEO

Customization of your eCommerce portal is crucial while formulating an online store. Inflation of your eCommerce business is triggered by some basic norms which if followed ardently will boost your enterprise in no time. Stated below are some criterion that will aid you in the evolution of your ever expanding business. These eCommerce SEO services will help augmenting your website and act as a catalyst during the process.


Branding Branding or tainting your website is a prior commitment which you have to make ardently. Your brand must be illuminated and must show up on your home page. Promotion will be enhanced and the crowd will be drawn towards the services.

Clear Call to Action Button:

Your homepage also requires a fascinating “Call to action” feature which is a marketing strategy directed to the spectators for aggravating a prompt response.

Website Search Option:

Website Search Option A search option box or tab must be incorporated if you are selling more than 20 commodities on your eCommerce platform. Navigation must be impromptu and user-friendly as well.

Compelling Discounts:

A chunk of the webpage must consist of images promoting your products and even mentioning discount and sale features in bold which would draw audiences towards your portal.

About Your Business:

about us A detailed description of the business is important since there might be customers who would like to dig deep into the factors driving the portal and also the history of such a venture. This can build the trust between the customer and the admin since the backdrop of the organization is explained thoroughly for the benefit of users.

Subscription Box:

Newsletters and blogs will trigger traffic to your website. Once your website is being checked out by an individual that individual will certainly return provided they have something to look up to such as a good deal or an offer which other websites cannot provide you with. Giving out free ebooks would also impact the mass and lure them to subscribe to your website.

Proper Shopping Cart:

Being aristocratic and generous won’t prosper you and get your revenue rolling. You have to concentrate on certain monetization options if you want to earn some quick bucks off your eCommerce website. A cart must always be available and visible to the user so that any product selected by the customer is added to the cart with pricing and commodity details.

Category Page Description:

Pages where products are being categorized must have an engrossing and captivating inaugural content so that the gist is understood by the audience. This is helpful in eCommerce SEO since it would allow figuring out the subject on the product page. You should also be confident while naming a particular classification. An introductory content also aids the category page to act as an article on your webpage which you can certainly boast of.

Proper Product Categorisation:

Categories must be classified so as to upgrade the eCommerce SEO checklist. Grading benefits users the same way it affects the admin. You being an admin can now post different products and commodities under different categories while the customer if confused as to where to navigate for a particular asset will get everything under an appropriate section.

Product Thumbnails:

Would you like reading a book without pictures in them? You definitely wouldn’t. Thus penning down points won’t allure traffic to your website. Rather use of imagery when required will keep customers hooked to your portal. Use of portraits in the construction of thumbnails is imminent. Addition of an image to your product thumbnail would drive traffic to your webpage more than ever. Illustration of the commodity must be zooming enabled so that customers can get a detailed view of the product. eCommerce SEO checklist is also dependant on factors such as the name of the file and the imagery being used on it.

Product Description:

Describing the product is essential as well. Be it any product such as garments or grocery it is indispensable to describe what the product is all about. A detailed depiction of the commodity is useful to the consumer as well as the admin. Customers must be aware of the products they are going to buy and the interpretation must be clear to them.

Add Schema.org:

Schema.org You can also supplement your eCommerce portal by assimilating schema.org. This provides a boost to the eCommerce SEO services where detailing is integrated. Extra alluring features will be added through schema.org which will drive traffic to your website.


The price for the commodities must be transparent to the users. Sudden addition on taxes while checking out might cause adverse effects. Customers don’t want to be taken aback when it comes to monetary issues.

Product Reviews:

Product Reviews Reviewing a product after proper scrutiny is very crucial. Before buying a product the customer would always want to check out some of the retrospect offered by other customers. It is recommended that a minimum number of reviews must be present while starting it up, thus it is best if the ratings and comments are copied from some other website and put across strategically into yours.

Related Products:

An eCommerce SEO demands a block where some of the accessories related to the original commodity will be bestowed. The section will even impart certain knowledge about the number of people who have opted to but related products to the initial commodity.

Add to Cart Button:

All the buttons and plug-ins must be decipherable. Especially the “Add to Cart” button must be coherent since these elementary things are pivotal for eCommerce SEO services.

Multiple Payment Gateway:

Fabricate your website with an impregnable payment gateway. In this huge eCommerce SEO checklist this part is the most important and is also for avoidance of bewilderment. Your customer definitely does not want to face payment related issues after the orders have been placed from his end. A commendable step is to include several payment gateways including Paypal and iDeal so that it is beneficial for all your users.

Secure Payment Options:

Protection and Surveillance is also relevant while the discussion of monetization is being conducted. A payment gateway must always be secure and robust. Inclusion of bona fide payment authentications if slated on the website would gain the trust of customers.

Stock Availability:

Products which are displayed on the website must be available in stock. Customers wouldn’t like the fact that post segregation the commodity chosen by them is not present on their website. Thus the color, fabric and other specifications must be present for all products which mean regular upgrade is a must.

The points discussed above cover most of the scenarios about eCommerce SEO services. But once you initiate the development of your website you need to pay heed to some other factors as well. Your website speed must have a decent bandwidth since no one would want an obstruction in their way while shopping online. Stellar encoder software and an outstanding search engine optimization would boost any business and trigger it to touch the zenith. Benefit from your customers while they benefit from you. More symbiotic the bond is, more will be the sustainability of your venture.

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