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How To Run Google Shopping Campaigns for eCommerce Store

by GK September 18, 2017
google shopping campaign

Wondering what a Google shopping campaign is? Here is your answer.

Google shopping campaigns are ventures with the motive of a profitable endorsement triggered by Adwords allowing an individual to offer services on investigations which are commodity based.

We usually bid on keywords during conventional campaigns which shouldn’t be the case. Adwords would only promote document based advertisement when you are looking into search results.

A Google shopping campaign would also allow you display advertisements with an illustration of the product, cost and some other salient features of it.

The points which will be mentioned below will serve only a couple of intentions. These are assimilating your endorsements which would reach out to the suitable individuals at the relevant time.

Some of the deciding factors for every Google shopping crusade would be:


If you have the knowledge of SEO, this procedure will be hassle free for you to grasp.

Suppose your title has something around 100 characters. You need to make sure it has the most hunted keywords for the commodity. The name, as well as the header of the product, must be aligned with the topmost priority.

Moving to the description part let us say that we have 4000 characters whereas in SEO there is a scanty amount of characters. However, while commencing with SEO, Google, which is your search engine, will look for keywords that would specifically relate to the requirements of the user. It is crucial to be immaculate and precise while writing your sentences so that the gist presented to the customer has a lot of information about the product which is put up on your website.

Your title needs to be short and sweet which would entice customers to dig deep into your content.


Images used to represent the product need to be out-of-the-box and exclusive. Post images which other labels can only dream of. The pictures you post must allure customers to click on the ads.

Images generally cover a lot of space and sellers depend on contemporary images. Thus, your portrait needs to be an outstanding and a different one.

You can incorporate Google product listing ads of superlative quality so that they get accepted after being scrutinized by Google shopping standards.

It is commendable to use a lightly pigmented scrim while showcasing your product to the audience in the form of imagery. Also, if you are willing to sell a commodity which has a superior competitor in the market your representation must be bizarre and remarkable.

Incorporation of a unique photo is definitely compulsive since this is a major factor driving traffic to your website. Product shoots can be completed from your house as well if you are looking at a cost-effective campaign. You also need to pay heed and map the upgrades and improvements in every sector. Click images of those commodities which you know have earned you a profit over a certain amount of time. The image must have a filename which must contain the entire name of the object separated by occasional hyphens.



Create an archive consisting of products which are similar to each other and have already enjoyed similar amounts of profit.

 With the help of such a segregation mechanism your Google shopping campaign will remain unperturbed and will consistently return decent revenue.

You can also make time for yourself to investigate the product categories which has aided in achieving better profit margins. This is similar to social media platforms where certain content might get different views depending on the hour you have posted in on. A similar thing occurs here where your proposed ad will get a varying number of views during different hours of the day.

Assess your content through “Dimensions Tag” since it will help you determine the best time of the day where the traffic sent out to your product will be high.


Customer management and customer connections are pivotal endeavors while commencing a business. Certain websites have options to rate the product. These ratings which appear in the form of stars are placed just below the image and the price of the product.

This definitely captures the attention of your customers. Such a venture might possibly provide a decent feedback to Google shopping since a satisfactory rating will enhance the rate of click-through creating a fabulous impression about you.

Seeing these ratings, customers will rest assured that buying such a product won’t be a waste of money and can also be absolutely certain that the product will be flawless.

Your content management system must be able to compile user analysis. Still, we would recommend an autonomous mediator platform since Google gives it more credibility.

An arbitrator or a third person would assist you in optimizing the search engine you would be using to upgrade and develop your site.


Discount coupons, holiday offers, and free shipping are certain privileges which your customer would love to avail.

This can bring about a positive effect which will give your commodities an offbeat outlook. These rebates will certainly compel your customer to act in this very moment. Blending the abatement with ad groups which would allow commencement of your Google shopping campaign is similar to the concept of “aisle end-caps” supervened at shopping emporiums.

The Google team would present you with a form that needs to be filled up in order to assemble limited overture campaign.

Making precise exclusive-offer products must be a priority along with the creation of an independent offer feed to be incorporated into the broker center.

It is necessary that you concentrate in incorporating exclusive offers since Google might also look into factors like this before accepting your advertising.



Choosing the appropriate tier is very important while commencing such a venture. Categories are basically dictated by Google.

You can relax and take your own sweet time to select the most precise class. Since Google is nothing but a robot, thus an unambiguous classification is the most stellar way to discriminate and separate each of the commodities instantaneously without any possible hurdle.

Ideally, a grand venture will return marvelous revenue. A Google shopping campaign will certainly be tenacious than a contemporary Adword crusade. However, such a campaign will enhance your knowledge and the learning process will be surpassing. Now it solely depends on your perspective as to whether you would like to take a shortcut or commence a scheme which will be beneficial to you as well as improve your learning curve. Brainstorming and application of exclusive ideas will surely upgrade your eCommerce store.


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