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How Ecommerce Industry is Growing in Asia

by GK November 16, 2017
ecommerce industry growth

You think Asia lags behind other continents if we take digital lifestyle into consideration? Do you feel the Asian eCommerce market would never be able to give a sturdy competition to eCommerce ventures all across the globe?

Believe me, this is 2017 and you need to change your mindset immediately.

Not only in America and Europe, but also most parts of the world population would not like going out physically to acquire items for their regular needs anymore.

Ecommerce is a blessing to the modern world where digital life has made monetary transactions easy alongside hassle-free buying and selling.

According to the survey commenced by Emarketer online transaction in the Asian continent will be lifted by 7.7% to $9.254 trillion.

Such an increment will also be appreciated by the middle class crowd broadening the eCommerce boundaries.

14.7% of the total retail sales which is also $1.365 trillion are being represented by eCommerce in Asia. Predictably, the numbers will double itself to $3.001 trillion by the end of this decade.

China is by far the biggest supplier of Asia-Pacific’s retail market, representing the greater part of the region’s deals.

According to eShopWorld’s investigation in the year 2015 Chinese users cashed away $766.5 billion online, which is similar to nearly three-fourths of the region’s total web-based sales.

Far-reaching web access in urban territories and Alibaba’s interests in logistics and transportation have supported digital based purchasing.

Ecommerce will definitely represent 23.1% of their retail deals in China this year and will keep on being a fundamental driver of general retail development.

Global organizations such as Alibaba and Amazon are growing their compass crosswise over Asia by obtaining neighborhood retailers and putting resources into delivery centers.

These endeavors, alongside people picking up web access, will drive online business development over the estimated time frame.

eMarketer predicts that eCommerce will end with 25.4% of consolidated retail deals in Asia by 2021.

It has also been predicted that retail deals development will be quickest in India.

In spite of the fact that the demonetization of the rupee in 2016 caused worry for customer expenditure, India will in any case rank as the third biggest retail market in Asia, producing $1.033 trillion this year.

Japan will deliver a larger number of sales than India which will have a figure of $1.283 trillion. However, development will be in equilibrium because of its unsteady economy.

Around 924.8 million individuals in Asia will make no less than one digital acquisition in 2017. China itself will represent 53.4% of the lot, with 494.1 million purchasers.

Since the online market is now a platform for competition, local organizations are trying hard to make a name for them.

How Ecommerce Industry is Growing in Asia

Subsequently, we are seeing more one of kind eCommerce platforms in Asia, for example, ShopBack – offering cash-back, voucher codes and rebates off online buys and Line Store – the authorized online store of Japan’s mainstream messaging application.

Growing markets in countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia have also started the trend of using smart devices and online shopping.

Mark Miller, a professor from Hong Kong Polytechnic University coined the term “mobile eCommerce frenzy” after the introduction of online marketplace.

Ecommerce development is rightfully at a tender stage where you can either return healthy revenue by following the previously traversed path or else commence a troublesome DIY flowchart.

Let us start noting some specks about these marketplace solutions literally branded as digital saviors who have already established themselves in the current market.


If there is a platform which manages orders and archives over a number of B2C and B2B platforms, Unicommerce is the finest solution to the concerns of budding entrepreneurs with a visionary.

A platform which holds the collaborated database of more than 50 marketplaces and carts in a single screen is certainly aiming for a flawless growth within the next few years.

Unicommerce is one business that is growing every single day. The dispatch method is made easy and quick. One can now track their orders by the simple click of a button.

Rate of sales can be increased if your archive is centralized making it available across various channels.

Such cutting-edge technology must be available at the doorsteps if one is actually looking at the growth curve during recent times.

If we consider a completely professional approach towards getting a marketplace solution, then Unicommerce is certainly the most commendable business which is sure to grow efficiently all across Asia.


If you are really worried about the growth of your business while residing in Asia, then Shopygen according to me is the best solution for any marketplace business.

Barring the marketing part, Shopygen takes care of technology by incorporating latest programming codes such as PHP Laravel.

Asia is basically a region where people look for affordable solutions rather than trusting in a brand which has already established its endeavor. This is because of the technical backlog of certain Asian countries.

With its headquarters situated in Bangkok and a part of the business in India, Shopygen has started ruling the Asian eCommerce market without any hurdle for a long time now.

Customizable software is the need of the hour. Shopygen even allows going ahead with personalized modules and customer centric layouts.

One important factor in the growth of a business is generating money out of it. For this, you need the trust of your customers.

How would you earn the trust of your clients?

It is not at all troublesome process. If your payment gateways are totally secure then your customers will have faith in the transactions which in return will help you generate commendable revenue.

Now, there is another factor which states that “With better investment you can generate better revenue.”

So, one must concentrate on generating maximum revenue if they have to compete against the global eCommerce market.


You are wrong if you are in the notion that eCommerce hasn’t experienced a dynamic growth in Asia during the last five years or so.

Look at businesses such as ReactionCommerce and learn more about how an open-source, real-time platform can easily trigger the development of the eCommerce industry in Asia.

Stability and support are two major specks which one cannot afford to lose out on.

According to the visionaries of ReactionCommerce this industry is young and flourishing every day. A brick-and-mortar store is not what the current generation prefers.

The busy schedule of every individual has urged businesses to come up with ideas to deliver amenities at one’s doorstep.

A platform that evolves with the industry, a stage implementing the latest technologies to be at par with the global eCommerce market is certainly the one to look out for.

The uniqueness of ReactionCommerce increases its value and aids in the growth of the Asian eCommerce Industry.

Countries in Asia differ extensively as far as desires are concerned and it’s essential that retailers limit substance and areas distinctively for everyone.

What a purchaser in South Korea needs to convert, is altogether different to what a customer in India should convert.

Brands need to join forces with nation-specific experts who can enable them to explore the gradation of each new marketplace.

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