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How to Get 50 Ecommerce Product Reviews in 10 Days!

by GK April 11, 2018
eCommerce Product Reviews

When I started my eCommerce website a couple of months ago, my only gripe was the lack of eCommerce product reviews. Organic traffic was somewhat subdued and after a few weeks, it was slowly inching ahead. When I glanced through my analytics dashboard, stats and numbers pertaining to traffic and net sales didn’t seem exciting. Not astonishingly, my disappointment was immeasurable. I did extensive primary and secondary research and understood that my eCommerce site was devoid of product reviews. In less than 10 days, I was genuinely able to garner 50 eCommerce product reviews. Organic traffic grew by 100% and as a matter of fact, my eCommerce site is doing way better than competitor sites. This positive outcome is really the inspiration behind this article.

Let’s now take a closer look at the significance of ecommerce reviews and ecommerce ratings and what it means for you to get 50 eCommerce product reviews in 10 days.

  • User-Generated Content


Product reviews are generated by users. Customers trust fellow customers. Similarly, sellers trust each other. People will be able to connect well with peers. For instance, my 14-years old son asked me to get a Merida bicycle because his friend owns a Merida. Believe me, the gamble will play off when stakeholders attest to the authenticity of your brand.

  • Brand Popularity

brand popularity

According to the market research company eMarketer, 80% of American shoppers validate the popularity of your site through ecommerce reviews which are not older than 3 months. For all intents and purposes, reviews older than 3 months are deemed inapt. Ecommerce product reviews serve as objective opinions of customers and potential explainers. Sometimes, product descriptions may play second fiddle to product reviews.

  • Organic Traffic

eCommerce organic traffic

More often than not, buyers tend to browse on Google and look for star ecommerce ratings of a product(s). If a product with high star rating appears on your page listings, organic traffic is bound to increase. This in-turn improves your brand visibility and boosts your brand salience. Here is a rule of thumb – Products with positive ecommerce reviews and high ecommerce ratings are more likely to be purchased.

  • Search Engine Rankings

search engine ranking

Let me share my personal experience. I own a WordPress blog. A few posts were performing really well and were receiving a great number of comments. I decided on disabling WordPress comment system and to my dismay, my hard-earned traffic dropped by 39%. Terrified, I immediately enabled the comments. After 2 weeks, my traffic got back to normal. Ecommerce product reviews bear a strong resemblance like comments. If there are no ecommerce reviews, it necessarily means there isn’t enough action from your buyers. Your website pages rank better in Google if there are good number of product reviews.


Here is a brief explainer on how to get 50 eCommerce product reviews in 10 days:

Tip #1

Feedback timing

The most effective ways to get instant product reviews is to accost buyers and ask for the same. Let me share an interesting stat- about 70% of customers left an eCommerce product review when I requested them to articulate their thoughts. However, you have to send a quick email once the purchase is made. There is little merit in sending emails after six long months.

Tip #2

photo review

Photo reviews can lend glitter and gloss to your eCommerce website. A few customers had purchased travel backpacks from my site. I took their permission to post their photo reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My eCommerce site is linked to a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram profile. Naturally, photo reviews served as social testimonials.

Tip #3

Customer loyalty

The absence of product reviews doesn’t mean engendering schism with Google. It only means that you should obtain a certificate of trust and reliability from your customers. I rewarded customers with discounts, loyalty points, coupons and gift cards in exchange for eCommerce reviews and eCommerce ratings. This is a great way to incentivize them and earn their loyalty.

Tip #4

ecommerce product review

I used a product review add-on by Stamped.io. The best thing about this add-on is that it allows customers to review products with-in the email. Not every customer will be impressed with your products. A few might give 1 or 2 star rating. All such customers will be redirected to an apology page where you may acquaint yourself with the reasons for discomfiture, address their concerns and win their trust. Once the issue(s) is resolved, ask them to share their experience with your customer service. This will earn your website some brownie points.

Tip #5

Spam reviews

Avoid fake reviews. Remember, customer is the king. Do not cheat the king by writing fake reviews. If you have zero followers on social media platforms but hundreds of reviews on your eCommerce site, buyers will easily know that product reviews are fake. Let’s say – you started an eCommerce site a couple of days ago. Your Alexa rank is bound to be poor. Your organic traffic will be close to zero. That’s alright for a site which is just 2 days old. But if hundreds of eCommerce product reviews appear on your 2-days old site, customers smell everything fishy.

 Tip #6

ecommerce product review tips

My eCommerce site has 12000 followers on Instagram. My Instagram account is flooded with comments. I encourage them to comment on my eCommerce site. Similarly, whenever a customer writes a review or posts a thank you message on Facebook, I encourage him to post the same review/message on the site. I generally offer him/her a gift card for being an amazing audience. It is therefore recommended to be watchful and active on social media platforms. Tap the enthusiasm of audiences and use it to your advantage.

Tip #7

ecommerce product reviews

I offer free samples on occasions such as Super Saturday, Boxing Day, Christmas etc. I ask them to try the products and suggest them to leave a review. Free samples often work wonders. By the way, I do ask important questions like:

  • What qualities did you like in the product?
  • How is the look and feel?
  • What more can be done to match your expectations?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your rating?

Tip #8bad product reviews

If customers are regularly writing bad reviews about a product, you should remove the product from your eCommerce store. Trade it for a better one.

Before I draw the curtain close on this topic, here are a few parting words- Always reply positively to positive and negative reviews. It takes a lot of patience and positive attitude to be dutiful and mindful of your responsibilities. Customers aren’t the only people who write reviews. Expert bloggers and affiliate marketers also write ecommerce reviews. Approach them for getting your work done.

Did you like our article? We would love to hear from you. Drop a comment or two. Subscribe to our newsletter. Keep watching this space for further insights on ecommerce ratings and ecommerce reviews. Our best wishes are with you and your eCommerce venture. Cheers!

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