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How to Increase Instagram Followers : An Ultimate Guide

by GK November 04, 2017
how to increase followers on instagram

Instagram, an application owned by Facebook is probably the world’s leading business when you are looking for a hassle-free, enjoyable and an ingenious way to click, share and edit photos. Every person on Instagram uses abundant filters and editing options to beautify their profile and allure more followers to their profile every day. If you are looking to increase Instagram followers you need to follow certain steps meritoriously.

A question often pops up asking how to increase Instagram followers. Down below we will be discussing some beneficial techniques which will guide you to your mission void of any hindrance.

Incorporating new ideas and features have always been the prime focus of Instagram. Since we must be talking about how to increase followers on Instagram let us not beat around the bush; rather jump into the topic with immediate effect.

You need to have a clear idea about how Instagram works and what is the crowd type which is indebted to Instagram. An approximate percentage of 32% internet users all over the world values Instagram and has their own private account. So you must be aware that more the number of followers more complicated it gets to preserve them.

Let us discuss few approaches you can take to increase Instagram followers:


Basically, you need to have a good idea about your audience and must be aware of the nitty-gritty they have been up to. Diagnose your audience to a certain level so that you are able to accumulate every possible information.

  • Analyze the age range of your spectators and their gender as well.

  • Pinpoint their interests and look into the commodities they acquire.

  • Also make a clear note of the life they are leading.

  • Figure out the brands which can act as your competitors and where your audience might be attracted to.

  • Check if all your audience is residing in the same neighborhood.

Once you are familiar and acquainted with the above mentioned points you can be rest assured that you have commenced with your strategy in a proper way.


instagram hashtag

Hashtags are considered to be the foundation stone of Instagram. If you are looking for ways of how to increase followers on Instagram, nothing is more important than incorporating hashtags which might also have an adverse effect to the crowd.

For example, “like-for-like” is one such hashtag which is meaningless since it compels your audience to like a post and begs for admiration. This is considered to be a negative approach or a scheme of viral marketing.

One can create hashtags of their own which will redirect them to the community from where they can access information relevant to the post or the image.

Some of the possible hashtags which will trigger your endeavor are:
  • A hashtag which will have a little information about your brand as well as the name of the commodity you are about to sell.

  • Explain your post with a simple hashtag which would describe what kind of product you are selling.

  • Create a hashtag with the area you are offering services in. This will give you a rough notion of how to segregate your audience depending on their location.

  • You can even use a hashtag for your brand’s tagline. This is not that important as the others but is still crucial in the advent of a stellar enterprise.


Your content must be of the highest degree so that it is accepted by all and sundry. Use simple sentences and captivating photos which would make your audience go nuts over your posts.

Instagram is one such application which promotes the best posts all around the world. It is a tenacious task to keep up with the high standards set by such a business model. Reputed brands have flawless pictures and a serene content posted on Instagram which will appear to you as tough competitors.           

Visual narratives must be unscathed, brief and to the point since Instagram does not allow protracted videos to be uploaded over any profile. In case a proper photo shoot is expensive for you, try using photos from search engines.

Create an archive which will give you the permission to post during weekends and layoffs. Always post stuff which is pleasing to the eye and not detrimental.

Insertion of captions is really vital since it gets the attention of the viewers. Besides consolidating a proper image, remember that he text related to it must be captivating as well.

This is one of the simplest ways of how to increase your Instagram followers.

You can also keep a track of the time when the rush of traffic is the utmost on Instagram. Posting during these moments would definitely boost your followers. Keep in mind that your post needs to be special as well.



Partnership programs are the most indispensible factors of Instagram.

There are thousands of reputed brands and millions of small brands who have been focusing on the same motive of driving traffic and increasing followers.

Get acquainted with some of the smaller brands and create a symbiotic relationship where cross posting would become relevant i.e you can now promote your posts through other websites and vice-versa.

With time you and the business you collaborated with will have abundant followers.

This is also a convenient way to increase followers on Instagram where two brands can be beneficial to each other.


We humans love it when the best thing in life comes for free. Goodies are like a present which provide warmth to the heart and improves the admin-customer relationship.

Complimentary souvenirs, if presented to the most loyal customers on a frequent basis will compel them to follow your brand and also to ask their peers to do the same.

Your competitors might also fall back since you are providing presents free of charge whereas they might not be doing so.


Competitions in the form of a game are what users get glued to most of the time. It increases the fun factor for your audience and also grasps the attention of the ones looking for complimentary goodies.

Stated below are some specks required to commence a contest:

  • Exemplify the start and end date of the tournament.

  • Participation rules and registration procedure must be simple.

  • Announce the gift which will be presented to the winner.

  • Make sure the competition you commenced goes viral.


Since it is a tenacious task to handle Instagram accounts, you need to plunge into prominent hashtags and follow the current and the upsurge on a daily basis.

You would certainly require a team which will be assisting you to increase followers on Instagram.

Some of the points as to why would you need a squad for your enterprise is:

  • An archive containing memes and video content in it must be incorporated.

  • You can also create a calendar where your future tasks will be updated.

  • Trending hashtags must be fused in order to enhance traffic attracted towards your post.

As we come to the conclusion of this article, it is important to mention that there can be other ways to increase Instagram followers as well. You just need to be patient, take some time of your own and think of other possible ways to enhance traffic to your posts. In case you don’t attract followers overnight, keep yourself patient and wait for some more days. Increase Instagram followers and make a lot of money for yourself within a short span of time.

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  • Timothy Alexander

    All of these are great suggestions. But, what really helped me was hashtag research. Much like keyword research with website content, using the right hashtags are critical for attracting likes and followers.

    • GK

      Yes Timothy, I agree with you. Keyword research and hashtags are the most important factors here.

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