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How to Use Instagram Story to Promote Your Business

by GK November 21, 2017
how to promote business on instagram

Are you looking for ways of how to promote a business on Instagram?

Do you know how has businesses used Instagram to promote their business?

With the onset of Instagram as a top-notch social media platform business have now come up with posts marketing their venture.

Another trend which you can see on Instagram is that there are sponsored Ads of certain companies which when clicked upon redirects you to the website of the business.

Instagram not only allows you to share photos of your listed products, but also helps to get into a partnership with brand promoters, come up with a user developed content strategy and other methods driving your eCommerce sales.

Are you using Instagram stories already?

If not, they start from today. This new introduction to Instagram is a feature enabling top brands to get in touch with their followers in such a way that the relation becomes informal.

Posting Instagram stories is probably the best way to use Instagram for business.

What must the content of the Instagram story possibly be?

Since, now you have a grip on how effective can Instagram be for your newfound business you can go ahead and be familiar with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories will be the answer if you are looking for how to promote your page on Instagram.

It basically allows you to share photos and short videos in slideshow formats.

When you open the Instagram application, you will come across small circles with icons at the top of your screen. You can view a story just by clicking on the icon of the story.

how to promote your instagram page

To create your own story you need to click the “+” symbol in the top left corner which will redirect you to the screen where you can record, upload and share your story.

Now let us discuss specks as to how would Instagram stories aid you in promoting your eCommerce business.


Quality content is the final deciding factor in the online world, including Instagram.

Individuals are on Instagram not just to search for charming pictures or video recordings; they also expect helpful, instructive and engaging content.

Give your fans significant content that will influence them to think that they are getting fresh knowledge from these stories. For instance, if you are in the home decor niche, you can give tips on the best methods to keep the kitchen clean.

Your home decor business will certainly gain more followers and will answer your query on how to increase eCommerce sales.

Keep the content short and simple for viewers to understand. One more thing here is to make sure that you have video URLs in the story so that viewers will be redirected to your business once they click on it to get a better understanding of your organization.

Beyond Yoga is one yoga-apparel brand which generally posts stories displaying a workout session with an individual wearing the yoga-apparel from Beyond Yoga.


Instagram Stories can be used to increase the amount of traffic to your new online show.

Regardless of whether you are presenting a show on YouTube, Facebook or other platform let your fans get the idea about it from Instagram.

Basically create a trailer that will leave your followers with the need of finding out about your show, and after that provide them with an URL.

Pacific Northwest Wonderland‘ is one business using Instagram stories to get followers who would be redirected to the official site with a single click.


Need to drive guests to another video you simply posted on your site?

Make use of Instagram Stories to give an idea as to what the actual video about your eCommerce business is about.

You can compress all the fundamental points stated in the video in a smaller version and post it on Instagram Videos.

Notable clothing brand Aritzia uses Instagram stories to highlight the most important features of its eCommerce business.


Your business isn’t just about you and the ones working with/under you.

The view that your clients have about your organization is the thing that builds your brand.

You can make use of Instagram Stories to control the recognition and guide your image in a specific direction.

For instance, you can include videos or pictures of your clients or fans discussing the products and features of your eCommerce business.

Promoting from your fans would add a matter of trust to your brand and creates a loyal customer base.


Declaring giveaways is another method for making use of Instagram Stories.

Come up with videos or photographs marketing an upcoming giveaway to create buzz among your followers.

This will improve the clarity of your brand on Instagram and get you new fans.

Go out of the way and approach your followers for input on your products and features. This will influence them to feel associated with the arrangements you will make, which can help generate a good amount of sales for your eCommerce business. 

Hello Fresh is one business using Instagram Stories which helps in a better customer admin relationship by incorporating direct messaging techniques.


Make use of Instagram Stories to attract more people to your website content.

You can make your content short and precise using and then urge followers to go through the whole article on your blog.

A mentionable business fulfilling this criterion is Real Simple which is basically a famous lifestyle magazine.

Real Simple is one business which uses Instagram stories to publish short versions of their website content.

Images are the most attractive speck when you are going through any content, thus posting small images as slide shows which will explain the venture is definitely beneficial for your eCommerce business.


You can even use Instagram Stories to promote an occasion where you are the host.

This can either be an online event, for example, an online course or an offline one, for example, a systems administration meet.

The objective of your Instagram story must be to give your followers a sneak peek of what’s in store and hence urging them to go to the event.

Food Network is one online food business using Instagram Stories to increase the interest of their followers about a video which will go live on Facebook in a few days. A simple slide implanted in the Instagram stories section with adequate information attracted its fans and directed them to the actual video of the business.


You can come up with an attractive tale about your image by creating content about your clients on an occasion.

Your fans need to visualize the whole group surrounding your image.

In case you are the host of an offline occasion, take the chance to tag your clients.

Sharing content that your followers as of now cherish expands their engagement with your brand on Instagram.

Loot Crate is one organization who uploads pictures of its followers during an online event to Instagram stories so that the customers feel special as well.


You can also use Instagram Stories to feature new products.

This is a decent method for simple promotion and creating enthusiasm about the products your eCommerce platform is about to sell.

For instance, you can give individuals tips on how to use your products or evener, demonstrate to them what they can make or do with these products.

Vitamix is one such blender brand which demonstrates blender images by uploading them to Instagram stories.


Instagram stories which are there for only 24 hours is used to run limited edition sales of certain products listed on an eCommerce platform.

JCrew is one business which ran a limited sale of its pink eye-gear with the aid of Instagram Stories.

They came up with attractive quotes on the story section of Instagram which included phrases like “Introducing our newest sunglasses” and “shop 50 pairs first, only through Instagram”.

Instagram Live is one more platform which would help boost your eCommerce venture be it huge or small.

eCommerce brands come up with excellent video content which attracts a huge number of audiences. Instagram live is a non-comparable technique to draw more website traffic, generate leads and commendable sales.

Instagram Ads is another technique which is easy but is also a serious measure if you want your eCommerce business to grow.

This is an answer you are looking for in the context of how to advertise your Instagram page.

While scrolling down the Instagram homepage, you will come across ads which when clicked upon redirects you to the actual website. This increases traffic and even enhances sales without a doubt.

Instagram Stories is a huge development in the sector of social media marketing.

How it impacts the social media is still to be seen. We don’t know whether individuals will really use this new component for a long time.

However, what we do realize that it offers eCommerce platforms huge amounts of choices to upgrade and promote themselves.

Take an attempt to incorporate some of the strategies stated above to transform your Instagram stories into modes of development.

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