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How to sell digital downloads online – Detailed Guide

by GK January 08, 2018
How to sell digital downloads online

Few years’ back it was a troublesome task to sell digital downloads. However, with the offset of brilliant online tools and applications even the question of “how to sell digital downloads” has been answered.

Digital items differ from physical products in the context that they arguably are informational and can exist in formats including audio, video, e-books, and courses. There are some unique aspects of digital products which cannot be ignored at all.

Let us list some notable aspects of marketing digital products:

  • Make sure your target audience is unique. They might benefit from your product but won’t be aware of their existence until bought.
  • If a customer looks for a product, it doesn’t mean that he is going to buy it. Your marketing message must carry some weight to do so.
  • Copies of digital content being easier to create also reduce the price of an issue.
  • Physical goods can be sold in online stores but digital goods require a landing sales page. This is good for one-off products such as e-books.
  • Packaging improves the sale of a product. The first thing your customer will notice is the cover and if it is impeccably crafted, the customer will himself come back for more.

Another interesting fact is finding out how to sell digital products directly.

There are numerous tools and applications online which would help you to do so.


E-junkie is a straightforward marketplace that implements HTML codes to create extraordinary item pages for your digital products. It’s an incredible and simple decision for apprentices: basically create an account on the E-junkie site, list your item and install the code on your site.

e junkee  

When you begin, you’ll have the capacity to deal with many alternatives including stock administration, subsidiary administration, Google Analytics tracking, and so on.

A positive point of E-junkie making it exclusive and different from others is that you won’t be charged a part or portion of your deals. In place of that, you’ll have to bear a subscription expense which begins from $5/month.

There are many administrations like E-junkie if the arrangement functions admirably for you: others include Easy Digital Downloads, SendOwl and Sellfy.


It’s difficult to talk about digital products without including PayPal. PayPal has been a standard of digital trade for a long time, particularly because of its solid security strategies that keep vendors and purchasers from being cheated upon.

PayPal has always put its endeavors in protecting purchasers and dealers from all sort of trickery. You can coordinate PayPal into a WordPress site and utilize it to offer digital products with a basic plugin.

The WordPress PayPal Shopping cart is essentially a module which will help you to sell your items from your WordPress site with a single click.

How to set up WordPress PayPal to sell digital downloads online?

  • Download the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and upload it to your page.
  • From your WordPress “plug-in’ menu, activate the plug-in.
  • Choose the settings tab and construct the options according to your will which might include your e-mail id, cart name, and the link users will go back to after shopping.
  • Take your cursor to the page where your item will flash.
  • Use “trigger text” to insert the product into your page and then publish it once ready.

How to market your products for sale?

You can consult influencers who have already gathered profound knowledge on how to sell software online. You can also approach individuals whose opinions actually matter. Try researching the market and its statistics so that it is easy to pitch and sell your products.

Guest blogging is yet another influential approach which includes a lengthy game-plan when your digital products are based on data and knowledge. You need to approach the best bloggers around based on your niche with your content so that they promote your material through their blogs.

You can involve yourself in a symbiotic relationship by becoming a guest blogger for the influencer’s website and also ask him to be a guest blogger for your website.

Sam Ovens is one of the most reputed entrepreneurs and an online blogger who not only maintains a high-quality blog of his own but also pens on blogs of others as well as looks for other bloggers who would proactively grace his website.

Some of the reasons as to why you must sell digital downloads online are:

  • These are quite easy and cost-effective to create. Money-wise investment is minimal since the only thing you need to operate is your ideas. In case your project is not as successful as you thought it to be, still, your endeavor won’t incur an insurmountable loss. Selling digital products online basically reduces risk and expense.
  • Being in a digital form, these items can be stored virtually in a single space on a server. However, with physical products, an inventory is crucial if you are not dropshipping.

One thing to keep in mind is the way you create your products or what will be the items which will influence the market at a large-scale. Devote your time to investigation and to find out the most profitable niche markets online. Try figuring out what format will make ends meet and a profitable business which will return good revenue to you.

Try researching websites such as clickbank.com which specializes in digital products. Check how the categories have been separated according to the products.

Let’s discuss a few platforms where you can sell digital products online:

Simple Goods

One of the best platforms to sell digital downloads such as music, e-books, and themes which accept credit card payments. It includes features like mobile-readiness and in-depth analysis and does not include any monthly fee. Rather it charges a commission of 2.9% + 0.45 per sale.


Digital Goods Store

If you are looking to sell music and movies this is the platform for you. PDF stamping and download protection are activated on this portal to prevent piracy. Professional-account charges $39.99 per month with a 5% commission per sale.


This is one of the best ways to sell digital products online including e-books, music, videos, and photos. Customers who promote their page on social media will get attractive discounts now and then. There is a huge inbuilt storage for this platform. A monthly fee is excluded and a 5% commission is to be given to Sellfy per sale.


If you are thinking about saving some bucks, then this is the best platform to sell digital downloads of your e-books, images, and videos. Gumroad deals with credit card companies directly, thus getting rid of the 2.9% commission charged by PayPal. No monthly upfront cost is required other than a 5% + $0.25 commission for every sale.


This is a customizable service where you can offer your art and other digital downloads. The WYSIWYG editor helps you customize your cart and payment portals. It is one of the only portals not asking for a commission but ranges from $10 to $130 per month.


Your digital downloads store will be up and running in no time if you are using one of these platforms. Many entrepreneurs ask the question of how to sell digital downloads online. The answer to this query has been simplified above. Now it totally depends on how you would go about this venture using a certain platform to sell digital products.

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