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How to start an online Store in Less than 30 Minutes

by GK January 02, 2018
how to start online store

Any budding business visionary would like setting up an online store in the least amount of time possible. If you are looking for foolproof ways of making some good cash real fast, this article will tell you how to create an online store.

You have to be careful while starting an online store since there are numerous scams on the internet which can easily mold you to make payments that would cater to fraudulent services. Don’t launch your store until you are absolutely convinced that your venture is taking the right direction.

The steps that we are going to discuss here won’t make you filthy rich overnight; however, if you are serious and give some time to it, you will definitely relish an excellent turnover.


Certain steps which are required to get your online store up and running in just half an hour:

starting an online store

STEP 1 – Setting up a Store (5 minutes)

Think of a name that you will assign to your store. Come up with something which would be easily understandable to a layman as well. Make sure the store name is relative to the products you offer.

Adding the word “store” would be commendable since the next step would be looking out for a domain name available internet address. It is certainly easy to find a domain when there are multiple words in a name.

Next is to create a marketplace account which the best solutions available in the market such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Shopygen. Previously while setting up an online store, owners had to acquire a server that would host an eCommerce system uploaded to it.

You then had to hire a professional to keep your website dynamic and customization which consumed a lot of time. Such marketplace software has upgraded the process for the betterment of the industry.

With few clicks and the software taking care of the service and maintenance, one can now have the answer to how to start an online shop.

Customize the settings according to yourself. Include your PayPal e-mail address under the payments section of your store and make necessary alterations.

Make sure that the terms are conditions are agreed to alongside the privacy and return policies. In the “Settings” tab of your online store scroll down to Refund, Privacy and TOS section from the Checkout box. This will generate policies for each sample.

Add the option of free shipping for each of the orders coming to your website. In the settings part, remove the shipping areas which are only local and update the international shipping rate for free.

The next thing you must do is set up an online store. You can create a store and sell your items on various platforms such as Facebook store or any Brick and Mortar store. Suppose you want to have a Facebook store, for now, you can reach out to settings once again and save the Facebook store as your channel.

Buying a domain is not compulsory. If you don’t use a domain your website will basically be hosted the platform where you had created it on. A domain comes at a cost of $13 a year in general. Buying a domain is not that important at the moment. However, once you start marketing your website, using a domain will help in better turnover.


STEP 2 – List items and their relevant categories (10 minutes)

Generally, an eCommerce store works with the flow of buying hundreds of products, wait for delivery, stock them in your inventory and ship them when ordered. An inventory would incur higher costs and a lot of risks. To avoid this, dropshipping has been introduced.

With dropshipping you simply add items to your store which when sold forwards payment to the supplier with the product being delivered to the customer’s doorstep.


You can either get into a drop shipping contract with the retailer or use tools are applications for the same. There are certain applications that would connect to your store and import your listed items from a drop shipped item database in no time.


How to set up an online store using this application?

  • You need to segregate products first by creating categories. If you are selling clothes then the rundown will include hats, shirts, jackets, hoodies, trousers, and accessories.
  • Install an importer application that will allow you to import entire product categories.
  • You can also import products one by one using the in-app search function.

STEP 3 – Insert Content (5 minutes)

Content is the main factor that will drive sales and traffic to your website. Add sections and pages such as “About us”, Blog, Services, etc.

insert content

Some of the crucial content which cannot be excluded:

  • The “About Us” section needs to be a simple brief about what your store is all about.
  • Research the delivery charges and shipping time for other stores in the market and then create your own according to the standards.
  • The terms and conditions page is equally important since most of the policies are mentioned there.
  • Create a “Contact Us” page adding your e-mail address and phone number and answer customer queries.

STEP 4 – Design your store (10 minutes)

You can either use the inbuilt theme of you can design your store independently. A self-customized page would improve your brand.
  • Go to your online store’s navigation part, edit the main menu and include your collections.
  • Create a refreshing banner with “banner editing tools” like Canva.com. Include the banner to the image you have uploaded and include a “Buy Now” button.
  • Choose the products you are going to list under the banner wisely.

In conclusion, you have probably now understood how to start an online shop. In an ideal world, with a little expense of time and brainstorming, setting up an online store is nothing but a child’s play. Don’t delay and start earning online from this day.

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