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How to Use Twitter to Grow your Business

by GK November 14, 2017
how to use twitter for your business

Has Twitter ever been fruitful to you when you actually wanted to promote something, be it your blog or your business you are about to initiate?

Are you looking for an answer to the query of how to grow your business on Twitter?

If yes, then don’t think much and use Twitter as the tool to expand your business all across the globe.

Are you looking for regular clicks on your website URL through Twitter or are you crazy about increasing your followers on Twitter?

Twitter is a part of the social media and many visionaries take its aid to upgrade their social media promotion methodology. But at the end of the day they do not profit from such an undertaking.

With centered activity, you can transform your Twitter account into a lead-generating powerhouse. You can get an ever increasing number of individuals to follow your profile! This is also a way if you have the question of how to help a business grow.

This is also a good step if you presumably need to decrease the measure of time you spend on Twitter as well.

Regardless, with the most recent Twitter refreshes, progressions in multi-screen utilization and ongoing promoting, you’ll likely need to investigate what Twitter brings to the table.

In the online networking world, Twitter falls into the class where individuals are urged to use mobile devices to make use of the short messages it allows.

Let us discuss some steps which would allow you to grow your business with the help of Twitter.


Branding is a crucial speck if you are looking for way of how to grow your business on Twitter.

It is crucial that your Twitter existence has an indistinguishable look and feel from your other online gears.

This enables individuals to recognize your business and build trust. Pick a record name and pictures steady with your other online existences and your brand.

Nothing communicates your image on Twitter more than your record username. This name shows up beside the majority of your tweets, and is the way individuals distinguish you on Twitter.

Pick between your own name and your business name. Abstain from utilizing expressive phrases to keep your name simple to sort on cell phones.

Your Twitter profile picture is a square photograph that shows up beside each tweet you send.

You can utilize either your business logo or your headshot for your profile photograph.

You can similarly alter the foundation that individuals see when they visit your Twitter account. You can make a realistic record so it coordinates your business label.


It’s critical that you establish your Twitter account profile totally. Each element gives more insights into your business that add to your business story.

Tell individuals where they can discover you. In any case, individuals might visit your profile from another city, state or nation and won’t perceive your neighborhood or group name.

You can share a web address with your group. You can give them your site or blog, yet consider utilizing an uncommon Twitter landing page.

You just get 160 characters to tell individuals your identity and what you do. Disregard the statement of purpose and discuss the artistry you convey.


Twitter has strict principles about what they call forceful after and forceful after the stir, so be watchful and take it moderately.

You would prefer not to get your record suspended in your first week in light of suspicious action.

Your Twitter encounter is characterized by whom you follow, not by your ardent followers.

Focus on your take after decisions to give yourself an extraordinary Twitter understanding.

You can start following group of people including your customers, business partners, vendors, competitors and traders across a good range.


Chatting on Twitter is unique in relation to each other web-based social networking webpage.

It’s a quick paced buffet of thoughts and sentence parts. It’s chaotic, but on the other hand it’s entertaining.

Take a little time to think how can Twitter help my business? Tune in to others. Bounce in when you feel good. Begin talking as you get your course.

There are five types of Twitter messages you must take note of:
  • Tweet – A post which you can update on your profile with everyone following you getting the leverage of watching and commenting on the post.
  • @Reply – A reply to your post on your profile by tagging the person involved in the conversation.
  • @Mention – A tag mentioning the username of a different Twitter profile.
  • Direct Message – This is the only private messaging feature in Twitter where you can text someone who is following you.
  • Retweet is basically the share of a tweet which had been published on the profile of one individual.


For each business, the appropriate response is unique.

When all is said in done, you need to locate the sweet spot between what your intended interest group needs to hear and things that will boost your business.

For some organizations, the appropriate response is to concentrate on how your items and administrations give an advantageous edge to your clients.

Give individuals helpful data and answer their inquiries which will make them think of you as an important individual from their group.

That is a foolproof initial step to winning another client.

There’s a genuine craftsmanship to composing a headline-style message on Twitter.

Try different things with various approaches to state a similar thing, and see what gets the most reaction.

With just 140 characters, it’s critical that each word is weighty enough to bring class to your Twitter profile.


Twitter is an incredible apparatus for directing people to your site and blog.

Since space is at a premium in a tweet, there isn’t space to post the whole web address.

That is the reason the greater part of the Twitter apparatuses enables you to abbreviate your web addresses by utilizing a URL shortener.

When you utilize Twitter.com, the Twitter URL shortener utilizes only 20 characters for your web address, regardless of the length of the real web address.

If you are asking what does Twitter do for business, then driving traffic to a website is one of its prime tasks.


Add your Twitter account data to the online networking account data on your site and blog.

The vast majority of the social follow apparatuses utilized on sites and web journals enable you to include your Twitter account effectively and rapidly to your list of web-based social networking accounts.

Include a course of events of your Twitter messages to your site and blog.

Twitter gives gadgets that enable you to share a tweet timetable on your site and blog. This can be an awesome approach to impart your Twitter discussions to your site guests, getting two-way publicity from a similar endeavor.

Make it simple for individuals to share your site and blog content on Twitter.

There are a few ways you can add a “Tweet this” catch to your blog entries and site pages, including a tweet button from Twitter. This enables your guests to effectively compose a tweet about your substance and offer it to their supporters.


Cell phones including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry enable you to utilize the Twitter application and Twitter mobile application to effortlessly send and get tweets.

Non-cell phones with the messaging administration (SMS) enable you to utilize Twitter utilizing instant messages.

Twitter enables you to set up push notifications to your cell phone so you know when chosen activities like people talking about you, people retweeting your tweets, new individuals starting to follow you occur on Twitter.


how can twitter help my business

Individuals generally love to take a look at pictures, so incorporate photos in your tweets at whatever point conceivable.

You don’t need to be an expert picture taker or have the best camera. All you require is a cell phone.

You can share your photo from your desktop on Twitter.com or from the Twitter application on your cell phone.

Start taking photographs of your business enterprises that you can impart to your Twitter fan group.

Twitter coordinates into your cell phone’s camera roll.

This enables you to effectively share photographs you have clicked with your Twitter followers and this is how to use Twitter for your business.

Twitter enables you to set up drive warnings to your cell phone so you know when you are receiving notifications on Twitter.


The video is another intense approach to educate individuals concerning your business.

You can add video recordings to your Twitter posts, yet you can’t include them specifically on Twitter.

You should first transfer them to another administration like YouTube, and afterward connect them to your tweet.

At the point when a tweet contains a link redirecting to a video, Twitter enables you to play the video inside the tweet. Tap on View media to open the video player.

As of late, Twitter launched another video recording and uploading application called Vine that enables you to take short, 6-second recordings from the Vine application and play them on an unending circle inside Twitter.

Social media had basically become a platform where one can connect to individuals all around the world. Businesses also use social media as a platform to endorse themselves and Twitter is the elite stage which leads the propaganda.

If you are asking what does Twitter do for business, I hope your answer lies in the article itself.

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