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15 Essential Components of Online Store Landing Page Optimization

by GK September 03, 2017
Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page: Lead Capture Page:

A landing page is also known as Lead capture page or destination page. A landing page is basically a web page that is displayed as an online advertisement or search engine optimized search result. In a simplified way, the landing page can be described as the web page which has been designed with an objective to acquire the attention of new visitors on web pages. For all intents and purposes, you can link landing pages to your websites. This shall direct them towards your intended website or you can say, the desired products.

More often than not, landing pages are used by online stores through a website for lead generation indirectly. The advertiser conversion rate is determined by the action taken by the visitor to a landing page. With growing competition and various new e-commerce stores foraying into the internet arena, it has become essential to be on the first page of search engine results. Hence, landing page can be quite effective in getting more rational leads. Designing an effective landing page is an integral part of webpage conversion optimization.

Landing Page Optimization:

Land page optimization (LPO) is an integral part of optimization process called conversion rate optimization (CRO). For all intents and purposes, conversion rate optimization aims at enhancing the percentage of lead generating visitors to the website. Based on targeting, there are three types of Land Page Optimization

  1. Associative content targeting (passive targeting)
  2. Predictive content targeting (active targeting)
  3. Consumer directed targeting (social targeting)

Types of landing Pages:

There are basically two types of landing pages

  • Lead generation landing page
  • Click through landing page

E-commerce conversion rate basically depends on the number of visitors who performed the desired action and purchased goods and services from your online store’s landing page.

Here are 15 essential components your online store landing page should have for successful conversions and positive lead generation:

  • Headline

The first impression is the best impression. Visitors click the web-link and land on your landing page; hence, everything must be precise and meaningful. And an eye-catching headline is the very first essential tool among the all, your landing page must have. The headline must be short. It should have high pitch words that catch the whole attention of the visitor and must be self-explanatory about the product or the service given by the online store.

  • Sub Heading:

The main heading should be followed by a sub heading that provides a follow-up to the heading and engages the visitor’s attention towards it. The main idea behind the landing page is to hold the visitor there and try to generate some leads from it. You can also add some detailed information about the benefits and services provided by your online store. Emphasize on your core competencies and elucidate how different your services / offerings are when compared to other run-of-the-mill offerings.

  • Images and Videos:

An image or a video is like a heart to your landing page. For many years, text has been used. Text is never better than images or videos. It is noteworthy to mention that images and videos are straight forward in conveying the message to the audiences. They have positive and attractive effect on visitors and also help in eCommerce conversion rate optimization. Also, the visitor may have the better understanding of what the online store is basically about. All images and videos must be of high quality and resolution.

  • Precise Information Presentation:

The moment the visitors land on the landing page of your online store and subsequently engage with your catchy heading, it is highly likely that they may not read everything and go through each and every piece of content of your landing page. Therefore, it is recommended to present your content in small paragraphs. As an alternative, you may present it in the form of bullets.

  • Lead Generation Action:

Lead Generation can be achieved in many forms on the landing page such as by adding an intuitive button for giving detailed information or adding click-to call link which allows a visitor to call directly the online store customer executives for sales and support. Subsequently, you can trace all the phone calls used for generating leads from landing page through call tracking technology.

  • Trust Elements:

You can add third party verifications to create an element of trust amongst the visitors. Trust shall lead to better eCommerce conversion rate. This can be achieved through several ways such as adding security seals for data protection, logos of brands using the products, reviews from happy customers. All this information will serve as a base for pitching products in a productive and an effective manner. You can provide them assurance about your online store, products and services by simply providing a physical address and a phone number somewhere on the landing page.

  • Explanation:

If the visitors don’t understand what your online store is about and what services or products you offer, you will get zero conversions. Therefore, explanation is one of the essential components of the landing page. For all intents and purposes, lead oriented and functional explanation should be simple, short and straightforward. Focus on benefits associated with your product / service offerings.

You can provide the explanation about the product or service through catchy heading, sub-heading, and images. Videos are known to convince and entice even the laziest buyers.

  • Guarantee:

There is no denying that guarantee is the basis behind any sale done- either offline or online. That being said, in case of online e-commerce, guarantee to quality and guarantee to service are almost irreducibly essential. A guarantee is an assurance to the customer so as to make him / her feel confident while making a purchase through your landing page. You can add guarantee as per your online store format that suits you best. Guarantee and customer trust go hand-in-hand.

 You are not required to delve deep into the legal specifications and in any case, if the product does not bear any explicit guarantee specifications, you can simply add guarantee in a different manner such as ”100% genuine”.

  • Reinforcing Solution:

More often than not, human beings look for ‘solutions’. A solution is a one-stop panacea to all their ills. It all boils down to projecting and pitching your offerings as comprehensive and go-to solutions. You should be able to convince visitors through a couple of sentences. Let me explain this with an example: I recently stumbled upon an amazing online store which sells apparels. This is how its owner promoted the online store:

Life is a between journey between two alphabets – B and D. B stands for Birth and D stands for Death. In between these two alphabets is the alphabet ‘C’. C stands for Celebration.  Celebrate life with our celebrated apparel!

Such simple yet amazing sentences are bound to bring smiles.

  • Logical Flow:

The rationale behind the so called logical flow is that makes landing pages more productive and lead generative. Here is the desired logical flow:

Start with the heading Provide short product specific explanation Enlist the benefits of the products Include genuine testimonials to gain trust End the process with fully functional Call to Action (CTA) buttons.

An interested customer may go through all the things that you have mentioned on your landing page. You may use multiple CTA buttons on a single landing page, placing each CTA at the end of every section. As an alternative, you may go with a single CTA at the end of the landing page.

  • Methods of Contact:

Methods of contact is an integral component of high converting landing pages. You can add multiple methods of contacts such as your office phone number, official email address and a contact form. You can also add popups with customer service representative messages. A few online stores incorporate a live chat feature as well. You must research before adding this feature to your landing page. Live chat feature is often availed for 24 hours / round-the-clock.

  • Above the Fold Content:

Landing page is designed to bring high-quality lead generative traffic to online stores. It therefore makes a lot of sense to leverage above the fold content. Above the fold content is that part of the content which is visible in the browser window when the page first loads.  The content must be adjusted according to the screen sizes and resolution of smartphones and other smaller screen devices.

  • Links:

Links are generally known to generate higher leads as compared to anything else in digital marketing. However, this is not the case with landing pages. The space on landing pages is limited and precious. Therefore, providing too many links will not work in your favor. Add only the needful ones.

  • Closing Argument:

A closing argument should reinforce the unique value proposition and main proposition of your service offering. Closing arguments should always be coupled with a CTA.

  • The Next Step:

It is important to keep things uplifting. Once a customer downloads a free guide or avails any of your resources – products or services, send a personalized thank you message. This course of action delights your intended users. Remember, if the customer service doesn’t meet the expectations of the user, the user will be disappointed. If it meets his / her expectations, the customer will be satisfied. If it is beyond his / her expectations, the customer will be delighted.


Incorporate all the afore-mentioned components in your landing pages. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space to learn more about webpage conversion optimization and conversion rate optimization. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of eCommerce conversion rate. Our best wishes are with you and your online store. Cheers!

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