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Best Live Chat Practices to Drive Sales and Leads in eCommerce

by GK October 11, 2019

No matter how well you run your eCommerce business, without a steady influx of leads, all your hard work goes in vain. Customer service is the backbone of any business activity, and it plays a crucial role in bringing-in leads that generate sales. However, not just customer satisfaction is enough, but customer retention is also a crucial factor to aim at. This is where the significance of live chat comes into play. Over 60% of customers are likely to return to a website if it offers a live chat feature. By establishing your live chat presence, you can let your customers reach your sales or marketing team directly without a delay.

Best live chat practices to improve your customer service and sales with Chat eCommerce.

  1. Personalized the chat to answer questions fast

You can customize your live chat to micro-personalize the engagements with your customers. It can be anything from customizing the look and feel of chat widget to adding a list of custom made clickable resources for the most common queries.

The capability to offer quick responses and showing your customers a human face to represent your sales team, all comes through personalizing the chat widget. Customized service increases the confidence of your customers and helps them find solutions to their questions and problems.

  1. Enable for all devices

If you are implementing a live chatbox on your website, ensure that it is available for all kinds of devices. A minimal design and conventional placement in the bottom right corner of the screen works best for all the devices. Make sure to test the user experience on different kinds of devices like desktop, smartphones, tablets to ensure it runs smoothly everywhere.

  1. The place chat window in the bottom right

What is the best place to install live chat software on your site? If you want it to be useful for your customers, your support tool must be accessible. It must be easy to find on a page, but full-screen takeovers are not a good idea.

The standard and convenient placements for a live chat window are on the bottom right of a website. Most people accept it as a normal placement and best live chat location. Moreover, it comes with an added benefit as users tend to scan a web page in F shared pattern. So this placement is the best when it comes to offering great customer experience.

  1. Make chat box available where users have questions?

Whether to make the live chat available on every part of your website is the most common question every business has. You can if you want it that way. However, when you make it available for all pages, ensure to consider the usability. Being a customer support channel, live chat can be annoying if it’s very intrusive. When you think about what are the benefits of live chats, the major one is to create a great user experience. If you don’t include live chatbox on every page, it must at least be on relevant pages where users are likely to have questions. For example, pricing pages, sales pages, landing pages, contact pages, etc.

  1. Make your live chat sound like a personalized one

Implementing shortcuts like live chat scripts can make even your live customer support agents sound impersonal. You get a “Thank you message for literally all the messages you type which can be annoying at times. As a Chat eCommerce best practice, sound like a human and emphasize clarity. If you practice right live chat etiquette and emphasize making a personal connection with users, the results will be powerful.

  1. Focus on average response time

Wait time and reply time is crucial when it comes to customer care. The worst part about email support is the time it takes to get a response. That is where live chat wins. However, you have to make sure both reply time and waiting time for customers are kept minimal. When you keep your customers waiting, you actually lose the advantage of live chat- the capability to offer real-time help for customer queries.

To improve the response time-

  • Make sure you have enough live chat agents.
  • Use online live chat software to manage the influx of messages in the best possible way.
  • Implement Unique live chat features like a universal inbox.
  • Use live chat scripts to make your chat process helpful and faster.
  1. Integrate live chat with your CRM

Live chat is a modern way of gathering customer information and serving customers in a better way. However, what do you do with the collected information from live chat?

If you do not use the gathered info in the right way, there is nothing to earn from the live chats. To use the information in the best way possible, integrate your live chat with your CRM.

Focus on collecting the following info-

  • The particular issues your customers are dealing with.
  • Customer’s demographic info.
  • The products your customers are interested in.
  • Have they tried any of your products in the past?

You can add all this information as custom field data or tags, and you can follow-up automatically. Once you know some users are interested in specific products, you can send automated messages to convert them into sales. Chat eCommerce integration with CRM and marketing automation can help you collect more user information, which will, in turn, benefit your marketing efforts.

  1. Use other channels to support live chat

There is no specific customer service that drives better sales; they all work together. Whether its emails, demos, or customer service tactics, it must focus on one thing- finding solutions to customer’s challenges in the quickest and best way possible. All of it works better when different channels are aligned with each other.

Live chat best practices can help you improve your chat user experience. However, your customer service becomes more effective when you use multiple channels. Live chat is a rising trend in customer service, marketing, and sales. If you implement live chat on your website, take your time to consider these best practices. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to use the live chat in your business in a way that drives more sales, leads, and conversions.

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