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You should leave no stone unturned to start an eCommerce business. The very first is always about having the right eCommerce platform and infrastructure. Especially, when you are starting a mobile commerce business in the consumer-to-consumer model (C2C eCommerce app), the features you choose matter in the end. How will you pick the best m-commerce features? What strategies have you planned to provide the best mobile shopping app experience? Introducing MobiGen, the mobile commerce shopping cart solution to get all your questions answered right away.

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Key features of this eCommerce mobile app builder

Key features of Mobigen

Subscription model

Our mobile commerce shopping cart gives you every opportunity to leverage the subscription revenue model to its best. All you have to do is create your subscription plans from the Admin panel, and all your sellers will be paying you monthly/annual recurring fee to create a web-shop, list their products, and keep selling, on your platform.

Featured listings

Besides seller subscriptions, you can create different plans for Featured Listings on your m-commerce app. Sellers will pay you an extra fee to get extra visibility in the product listing for a fixed period. This m-commerce solution allows admin to create different subscription packages for the sellers to gain various levels of visibility/ranking.

SMS Notifications

Short message, high visibility rate, and wider reach make SMS notifications the best engagement channel for your marketplace business. Especially when you are already focusing on the mobile user-base, the Mobigen’s integrated SMS notifications will let you deliver all kinds of alerts and information to your customers on their mobile itself.

User-Seller chat

Our mobile shopping cart comes with an integrated User-Seller Chat system. This conversation channel helps marketplace customers to chat directly with the sellers before purchasing an item. It gives a sense of security and trust for both parties before committing to a trade.

Ratings & Reviews

With the help of integrated Ratings and Reviews system, you can build a trustworthy environment on your C2C eCommerce app by letting consumers share their feedback/reviews against each purchase. There is no better way to establish credibility for your business than user-generated feedback.

Dispute Management

Dispute Management is an in-built feature of this mobile shopping cart, which allows the admin to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. Just like PayPal’s, you can offer a perfect buyer protection policy to your customers to gain their trust in your business.

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These features are built to seamlessly help your business grow.

Smart features to boost your business

Push Notifications
Admin Backend
Coupon Codes
Advanced search

A mobile commerce app is incomplete without push notifications. As of now, they are one of the best marketing and communication channels for eCommerce mobile apps. They help businesses to secure better traction for newly launched products and drive better sales for existing products. From deals, alerts, to order status update, you can use push notifications with your m-commerce app to communicate almost anything. 

Segment your push subscribers into varied segments and re-target them with personalized push notifications to gain the best app-retention and user-engagement stats.

Analytics play a major role in m-commerce. It helps you to track the progress or performance of your business. Dig deep into Google Analytics to get a better insight into the application and drive in more sales by optimizing your app accordingly. Look into the insights of a user’s experience on the application – see which products are performing well, which products are lagging, where you need promo codes to boost engagements.  

Get a detailed report of everything at a glance on your admin dashboard. The simplified Google Analytics view is a highlight of our mobile shopping cart.

MobiGen has a unique web-based Admin Panel that shows your financial status information, marketplace statistics, customer information, and much more. Entrepreneurs spend extra to get such an organized control panel, but you get this inbuilt in our mobile shopping cart. You can know everything you need about your business on a centralized panel, so you won’t have to spend extra developing similar features.

The Coupon Codes feature in MobiGen lets your sellers promote their products at discounted prices. Offering discount coupon codes you can ensure that more and more customers are buying from your platform, and thus, giving you more income as the commissions. Create coupon codes from the dashboard and share them with your customers to gain the best traction. It is the best way to launch sales campaigns and boost your sales right away. 

Customers hate typing on those tiny mobile keypads. There could be no better way to frustrate a user than offering a broken search feature. Don’t worry, as you won’t have to deal with a broken search feature. This mobile commerce shopping cart comes with the best-in-class search algorithm. Search suggestions as you type and advanced filters make it possible to dig peed with the least effort. Search based on location, price, and categories produce the most accurate results. 

Check the Live demo of C2C Mobile eCommerce app script.

These add-ons can be integrated upon additional purchase.

Paid add-ons

Voice search

Let your customers look for products through voice search commands. Add this module your app to let them enjoy a hands-free experience and navigate around your marketplace without hassle.

Seller-Admin Chat

Besides an integrated seller-customers chat, integrated this sellers-admin channel to let your sellers contact directly with the admin regarding inquiries and disputes. This is a two-way chat communication to grow your business faster.

via Fingerprint

As all new mobile models are coming with fingerprints recognition, you too can equip your m-commerce app with this innovation by integrating this add-on. Fingerprints are one of the most secure and easiest ways of logging-in these days.

Shipping API Integration

We are offering you a ready-made module with APIs from popular shipping services that will integrate readily with your copy– FedEx, DTDC, United States Postal Service, DHL, and Worldwide Express.

by Mobile number

Besides integrated email-based account registration, you can integrate this module to let your users sign-up on your marketplace using their mobile numbers. Once installed, users will get an option to use mobile numbers instead of email.

Order tracking by Notification

Quit depending on emails alone to send order status update. Install this add-on and start giving out regular, real-time order status via push notifications. It is much effective than sending the order tracking information via emails.

OTP ( one time password )

You can secure your users and their information against breaches by protecting them via a two-step verification process, which uses the OTP-based verification process to log into user accounts. One-simple add-on to secure all user data.

Offline mode

Offer an innovative way to browse your marketplace without the internet in offline mode. This feature will let your users traverse around and perform some actions without the internet, while they can complete a purchase once connected to the internet.

Technology & Performance

Android: OS >= 4.4, Java iOS: OS >= 8.0, Object C – Real time message with socket – Push notification – Google map for product information – Google autocomplete for address when creating product Server: – NodeJS – MongoDB – Redis – Real time message with socket – Push notification Backend (Admin CMS): Single page application with AngularJS, Bootstrap, Statistic with chart. Facebook bot message: AI chat with wit.ai

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Mobigen LITE ( Free Download )

Mobigen lite is a free, web-version of our mobile shopping cart. This script is a standalone shopping cart solution with a beautiful web-design & incredible features. It has all the features that an individual eCommerce website needs. A beautifully designed homepage, advanced search filters, cash on delivery system, revenue tracking dashboard, order management and order status update, notifications and more. The script gives you’re a detailed idea of how the mobile apps would look when you use the premium ecommerce app.

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