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Now Online Food Ordering Services are Available on Facebook

by GK November 18, 2017
Now Online Food Ordering Services are Available on Facebook

Ordering food online has become an addiction in the modern times. They business surrounding this feature has also turned competitive.

From creating a website to a mobile-based application online food delivery has also conquered Facebook without a doubt.

Deciding as to what you want to eat and place an order accordingly is the easiest of tasks. Unless you are the one who is generally confused when asked to choose from a number of options, ordering food must be uncomplicated for you.

Facebook, as an organization is taking away the time which you had already wasted looking for what you need to eat by officially dispatching the ability to order food for pick-up or home-delivery, directly from its official app.

Individuals nowadays order online food on Facebook after reaching a conclusion of what to eat by studying about close-by restaurants and looking at the reviews given by their friends in regards to the restaurant.

You can now order food from the Facebook app on your mobile or even its official website.

Will you immediately start ordering food from Facebook?

Let’s see what happens in the near future. We strongly hope that the Facebook food ordering trend doesn’t go haywire in the long run.

Facebook’s third-party online food ordering partners including ChowNow, Delivery.com, EatStreet, Olo and DoorDash as well as restaurants such as Denny’s, Chipotle, Papa John’s and Jack In The Box which serves food to most of the locations possible.

Now you don’t have to look across a number of places to get what you exactly need.

From nearby locations to popular stores, Facebook associates you with ancient picks and new inventions with only a couple of tap on a specific button.

You can even look at what your friends need to say in regards to a restaurant before you order your meal.

How to use the feature of ordering food through Facebook?

The Facebook food ordering system is an uncomplicated process.

You can look for local food joints browsing through the Order Food segment in the Explore menu in your Facebook profile.

On this page, you can look for restaurant alternatives and select Start Order when you’ve discovered what you’re searching for.

In case the restaurant offers takeaway options or food delivery with multiple services, you can choose which feature you are most likely to use.

In case you have registered with delivery.com, you can login and order food with your existing login credentials. You don’t even have to leave the Facebook app in case you haven’t registered with delivery.com. Rather, you can easily go ahead and create a new account on Facebook itself.

If you are looking to order food from restaurants Facebook will redirect you to their pages automatically rather than using a third-party online food ordering business.

Steps followed to order food through Facebook

facebook food

  • You can find the “Order Food” option in your Facebook mobile application.
  • Click the three parallel lines on the top portion of your home page if you are using Android or to the bottom if using iOS which denotes the “More” button.
  • In case of a PC you can go ahead with the same steps with the only difference being the existence of an “Explore” button which would guide you to the best restaurants in your area.
  • Once you click on “Order Food” you would be able to choose from various restaurants.
  • The list will be long but what you need to notice is whether that joint has an option of ordering food through Facebook. If yes, then you will find a “Start Order” option next to the restaurant’s page.
  • Upon tapping the “Start Order” button, Facebook will take you to a third-party food ordering website or else it will prompt you to choose an option where you want to place your order from.
  • Make a payment with the aid of Facebook food delivery partners such as Delivery.com or your credit card to get the confirmation of your placed order. Your food will be delivered to your doorstep within a short time.

Most people are unaware that one year back Facebook incorporated an easy technique of ordering food from restaurants featured on Facebook pages using services such as Delivery.com.

If you go through the article published on TechCrunch you will see them stating that Facebook does not make money from the “Order Food” option and it does not even divide whatever profits they make from the orders placed through Facebook.

Facebook clearly does not want to lose its users. Adding a new feature every year doesn’t only improve its brand value but also makes Facebook as the most used social networking platform ever.

Such a feature where you can not only view the menu and place your order but also reserve a table for your meal is one which you cannot miss out on.

With more than a billion users globally it is natural for Facebook to explore different sectors and launch new services globally. Addition of these features certainly helps Facebook to generate better revenue than before.

Haven’t you tried ordering on Facebook yet? If not, then place your order right away.

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