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Print on Demand Products to Sell in 2020

by GK May 27, 2020
Print on demand

The demand for print-on-demand (POD) products is off the charts these days. From printed coffee mugs to customized notebooks and bath towels, there is a demand for personalized and printed products in every sector, both B2B and B2C.

In this article, we are going to have a brief look at the business model and list best-selling print on demand products that you can sell to make profits. After all, even if the name says “print-on-demand”, it’s always wise to stay a step ahead and stock up profitable products. Let’s understand how it works first.

How Does Print on Demand Work?

Naturally, it’s an easy business, to begin with, and takes no time in setting up. However, be advised that selling print on demand items is not the same as selling ready-made printed stuff. It involves sourcing of white-labeled finished products, which typically are blank items. Merchants prepare the best print on demand items on these blank products by printing strictly as per the requirements of a customer.

For example, as a POD business, you can source blank finished products to print on from a white-labeled product supplier. When you get a custom print requirement from a customer, you can print and deliver the same as a final product.

  • Depending on your business model, there could be so many ways to source blank products and so many ways to prepare the most popular print products in-house or outsource entire printing.
  • Besides, you can also sell directly to the customers on their demand, or offer print on demand services to B2C retailers, who sell ready-made or on-demand printed supplies to the customers.

If you are a printed products retailer, it means you can create and sell your unique designs, rather than selling blank products. For customers, it means, they can purchase ready-made printed products or create their own design and ask the merchants to print it on a product of choice. This is one of the good things about print on demand business –it’s flexible and both retailers and suppliers can adapt to it as per favorable conditions.

How to Start a Print-On-Demand Business?

Starting a print on demand business is one of the most accessible ventures in the current market. It’s less risky, requires low-cost investment, and can be molded on different existing business models.

The risk is low because you can operate in print on demand dropshipping model. Dropshipping, a business model that eliminates high-cost investments and time-consuming processes from your operations. You need not worry about the big responsibilities like purchasing stock, managing warehouses, inventory, and shipping of the orders to the buyers. Suppliers who provide print on demand products can also take care of all these responsibilities for the retailers.

Hence, as a merchant, you can focus your energy on creating designs, marketing your online store, and handling customer support and inquiries. Of course, this model is infamous for low-profit margins, but if you can generate a considerable amount of sales, you will actually have an overall profitable business with the least investment and responsibilities.

Besides, if you seek higher profits and willing to take some responsibilities on yourself, you can also go for other business models, like Inventory-based eCommerce and Multi-vendor marketplace business models. However, following the print on demand drop shipping model is would a piece of good advice for new entrepreneurs here. It doesn’t demand much experience to procure the required resources or products to print on for final retailing.

You can get a decent eCommerce platform from the market, such as Genstore, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, etc. and build your online store. You can find a good supplier to source finished products, list their products on your store, and start selling on the go.

The benefit of using Genstore, as your eCommerce platform is that it supports the multi-vendor model. Hence, you can also invite other merchants to sell in your store. Besides, you can keep on dropshipping simultaneously. We can customize the script and integrate selected suppliers’ API right into Genstore to meet your unique requirements. Some of the most popular print-on-demand suppliers in the market with APIs, which you should consider integrating, are as follows:

  • Printful
  • Gooten
  • Printify
  • Pixels
  • Teelaunch
  • Kite
  • InkThreadable

These suppliers are useful, as they provide APIs, which you can integrate to synchronize all their listings on your dropshipping store. Besides, these APIs take care of order forwarding and delivery of required information from your website to the respective suppliers. They automate the entire order fulfillment process, which otherwise requires manual handling. This would be a great relief for print on demand for beginners who do not have much idea of this segment.

40 best-selling Print-On-Demand Products

If you are willing to invest in the print-on-demand niche, here are some product ideas you should definitely consider dropshipping or retailing. Be advised that you have the option to pick selected products from the list and consider selling niched products to stand out in the market.

Print-on-Demand Apparel Products

  1. T-shirts

T-Shirts are one of the most sold products in the print-on-demand category. Whether its inventory, multi-vendor, or drop-shipping model, you can find sellers dealing in printed t-shirts in every segment. Right from personal use to logo-printed t-shirts for employees of different companies, brands, and enterprises, there is a retail as well as bulk demand for custom print t-shirts in the market.

  1. Crew neck sweatshirts

Unlike on-demand t-shirt printing, crew neck shirts are seasonal best-sellers. However, like t-shirts, they too possess demands in both personal and professional markets. From colorful, warm sweatshirts to logo-printed and hooded sweatshirts, you can experiment with a huge variety to meet the demands of a very big market. Especially in the regions with cold climate, where there is a steady demand for crew neck sweatshirts all through the year.

  1. Long sleeve shirts

Long-sleeved shirts are one of the oldest yet most sold products in both traditional and print-on-demand market. So keep it simple, and add some long-sleeved shirts in different color variants on your store. Many customers will love to see their custom print on them. This particular type of product is a blockbuster in terms of demands from both personal use and bulk orders from companies and groups for brand promotion.

  1. Leggings

Leggings are already one of the highest-selling clothing items in the global market. Offering an option to the customers to print their desired designs would be the best you can do with your print-on-demand business. Ask any supplier, they will have a massive range of blank leggings that they can customize for your customers. Even the ready-made prints on the leggings hardly go unsold these days.

  1. Flip flops

Be it for daily use or on a beach vacation, you can find a flip-flop always there in a person’s travel bag. Especially in warm sunny weathers where shoes are not an option, people love to take their custom printed flip-flops for a show. Dropshipping flip-flops can actually be a great idea with lucrative profit margins and average price-points. While big brands are selling flip-flops for very high prices, you can maintain a lower price-point and still make profits selling these printed products online.

  1. Socks

If flip-flops are for summer, socks rule in the wintry and cold places. Although the demands of printed socks are much higher among individual customers, there is still a significant market for them in the bulk market, too. In fact, social groups, clubs, sports teams, organizations, or any business where they use shocks would love to purchase with their brand identity printed on them.

  1. Tank tops

Like t-shirts, tank tops are yet other best-selling print on demand products. The best thing is if you are already dealing with t-shirts, shirts, and sweatshirts, you can accommodate tank tops in your catalog very easily. You need not go the extra mile to sell tank tops, as most of the suppliers offer all three kinds of products in one place. Moreover, even the marketing strategies are not any different for tank tops.

  1. Baseball caps

Baseball caps are a must for any kind of retailer dealing in apparel and clothing. Besides, there is a high chance that you would often get bulk orders of custom print baseball caps from teams, companies, social groups, and individuals seeking their logos and names on them. This particular print on demand item sells well in both the general market and the sports supply niche.

  1. Beanies

Although beanies are seasonal products in most of the regions, their usage is not limited to escaping cold alone anymore. They have become style statements and we can see steady demand in most of the regions throughout the year. Experimenting with different kinds of fabrics would help you keep your custom print beanies relevant across most of the seasons. The demands might surprise you in a good way.

  1. Onesies

People love onesies on their babies. Not just parents-to-be but also the acquaintances, who are invited in baby showers, love to give onesies as gifts. What could be a better gift to a baby than a custom printed onesie? A newborn’s name or some interesting quotes on it make an onesie a perfect gift and product in demand throughout the year. You can offer different kinds of fabrics as per the local weather.

Print-on-Demand Accessories

  1. Scarves

Scarves are one of the most popular style accessories. They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. By offering scarves of different types that customers can personalize as per their preferences, you can stand out from others. These print on demand accessories work the best when you can offer unique designs and artwork on the scarves.

  1. Tote bags

Tote bags have become a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness. From gift shops to restaurants, fashion brands, or any enterprise you can imagine, use tote bags as a carry bag. Besides, personal use of tote bags for individuals is also getting popular and big brands are coming up with their own line-ups. You can become a major destination for such customers by offering personalized tote bags in retail or bulk.

  1. Backpacks

People love their backpacks. There is no shortage of utility for the backpacks. From small laptop bags to massive trekking bags, it’s just hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t have a personal backpack.  Even companies and brands these days are giving free backpacks to their employees with their brand identity engraved on them. It’s a big segment and covers both retail and wholesale demands of the printed products online.

  1. Travel bags

If small backpacks are cool, travel bags are a necessary item in every household. Offering travel bags with custom prints will allow you to cover a big market, while you will also stand out from the rest of the manufacturers who deal in generic travel bags. There is no limit to colors, designs, materials, and prints that you can offer in this category and sell print on demand products.

  1. Phone cases

What used to be a necessary utility is now a style statement too. Phone cases are important and they remain in demand. Besides, every day some new phone model comes in the market, and it brings the demand for compatible phone cases with it. By allowing the phone owner to print their desired designs on their phone cases, you can easily increase the price point of otherwise low-cost and generic products.

  1. Neckties

Neckties are a few of the most gifted items in society. They make some great style statement while also serving their purpose in the formal meetings. There is hardly a time throughout the year when neckties and especially, personalized neckties, are not in demand. Having such a favorite product in your catalog will only increase your revenue.

  1. Luggage tags

Luggage tags nowadays have become a total online product. It’s not easy to find them in brick and mortar shops. Selling them online is a profitable idea. Besides, you can couple them with other personalized travel utilities such as travel bags, backpacks, trek bags, etc. If you deal with travel accessories, personalized luggage tags are always good to have in stock.

  1. Yoga mats

The world is crazy about yoga and for a good reason indeed. So why not take advantage of the trend and start selling what most yoga lovers seek –Yoga mats. Offer custom-made yoga mats and you can entice a very large population of potential customers without much effort. It’s a great way to divert traffic to your website with a USP and for a product that is already in great demand.

  1. Buttons

Buttons are easy to print, stock, store, and ship. Surprisingly, buttons sell for very less price point and it might seem like a bad idea to sell them. However, by simply allowing the customers to order custom printed buttons, you can sell the same thing for even five times the old price point. Besides, people order customized buttons in bulk. For example, the demand for buttons with American Flag and different slogans skyrockets during the elections.

  1. Wristbands

Silicone and rubber wristbands have been in the market for a long time now and continue to entice the customers. With so many designs, colors, and variations, brands use custom wristbands also to boost brand awareness. Offering both retail and bulk purchase of bands with individualized messages, colors, sizes, and prints would allow you to target this profitable segment more precisely.

Print-on-Demand Homewares

  1. Laundry bags

Offer reusable laundry bags with various prints. You can club these bags with clothing line-ups, too. Both ready-made and on-demand prints can make a profitable addition to your catalog if used strategically. You can promote your laundry bags as a safer replacement for harmful plastic bags.

  1. Placemats

Offer your customers a way to dine in style with personalized placemats. This is yet another profitable product, which is easy to print, store, and ship to the customers. You can turn generic placemats into more of a style statement and sell print on demand placements adding simple images, designs, patterns, or tag lines as your customers demand.

  1. Tablecloths

Complete the dining table offerings with customized tablecloths. Especially, when it’s so easy and economical to dropship customized table clothes, who would not like to turn their plain and gloomy tables into interesting topics of discussion.

  1. Cutting broads

The market is full of generic cutting boards, and looks like hardly anyone would be looking to have some fun with them. However, these flat blank cutting boards can bring fun into cooking with personalized prints on them.

  1. Acrylic Trays

People use acrylic trays as catchall tray on tables or entrances for keeping keys, small accessories, and sometimes as a decorative, too. Offering such trays with interesting prints would attract a lot of attention. They are not some big trending items, but they sell on good price-points as decorative.

  1. Shower curtains

If you have seen the famous sit-com “The Big bang Theory”, then you must remember the periodic table shower-curtain in Sheldon’s bathroom. It’s just one example of how small details like shower curtains can make a great impression. There is a big market for shower curtains in the US and people love to have their favorite prints on them.

  1. Bath mats

Another homeware with great potentials for customizations is a bath mat. Bath mats are essential homeware in every household. It would be a good idea to attract the attention of the customers to an essential product with an option to engrave personalized prints on them. This would make a great addition to your homeware products list.

  1. Bath towel

Whether at home, swimming pools, mountains, or at a beach, bath towels are omnipresent. They are essential requirements for every human being and hygiene makes them non-transferable. The point is individual needs a personal bath towel and what could be a better way to individualize than unique and personalized prints on them.

  1. Rugs

Rugs have always been in demand for their designs and patterns. Allowing customers to choose their designs would be a great way to make an impression. Besides, you can also experiment with your own unique and ready-made designs.

  1. Ottomans

Ottomans are one of the most in-demand products in the print on demand items market. However, ottomans can be quite large and their shipping would cost more than smaller products. Consequently, it also ensures that they sell at higher price points. Therefore, if you can find a good dropshipping supplier who can take care of shipping, you might make a significant amount of profit selling personalized ottomans.

Print-on-Demand Stationery & Office Supplies

  1. Notebooks and journals

Journals and notebooks have been trending in the global market for the last few years. All thanks go to unique designs and prints that resonate with different choices. What used to be some boring logs are now more esthetic and reflect a piece of their users’ personalities.

  1. Professional cards

Professional cards have been there in the traditional market for a much longer time now. However, offering an online alternative to the customers would be a great way to target a much broader market. Customer can upload their designs and get their cards delivered at home, without visiting anywhere.

  1. Greeting cards

Like professional cards, greeting cards are still popular in the market. They still make a great addition to your catalog if you are willing to invest in the art-supplies and stationery niche.

  1. Calendars

Calendars have always been a part of the print on demand market. However, they were accessible only to the brands and businesses who would print these calendars to boost brand indent and marketing. With an online alternative in the retail model, you can allow every individual to get his or her own personalized calendars printed and delivered.

  1. Acrylic blocks

These transparent picture frames are not like traditional frames. It’s a modern way to engrave your pictures in acrylic blocks, which makes them very interesting. They are perfect decorative items for houses, offices, and other spaces.

  1. Stickers

A big population of consumers buys stickers. For example, teachers need specific stickers to use as teaching aids, organizations use stickers of all sizes to brand their merchandise or put slogans in different places. In short, the demand for stickers in all shapes, sizes, designs, and materials in almost every sector is your chance to make some profit.

  1. Mousepads

Yet another instance when a consumer would love to imprint his or her favorite designs in the mouse pad. Depending on different interests, customers order to print a variety of designs on mousepads. Offering them a choice to get their preferred prints engraved, would only increase the sales of this already best-selling product.

  1. Presentation folders

Presentation folders with engraved brand identity, names, and logos are always in demand. They are one of the best-selling print on demand products in the bulk market. There is also a high chance that companies might become your repeat customers, as they need presentation folders repeatedly,

  1. Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are all-time best selling print on demand items. They fit into almost every category: gifts, office, houseware, decorative, and many more. You must definitely sell customized coffee mugs on your print on demand store.

  1. Water bottles

Individuals, companies, organizations, and social groups use printed water bottles as a marketing and brand awareness tool. For that, they distribute these bottles among their employees, customers, and acquaintances. A product with so much utility for everyone should never miss your catalog.

That’s our roundup for the top 40 products that you can sell in the print on demand business model to generate profits. However, the list does not end here. There are still many other niches, segments, and products to try. For example, ‘pet supplies’ is also a big niche. People love their pets and end-up spending big bucks on print on demand accessories such as, pet beds, pet bandanas, dog collar, feeding bowl, water bowls, pet blankets, pet t-shirts, and pet toys.

Be advised that not every product sells well in every market. Although we have tried our best to include only best-selling products with big potentials in the print on demand market, you should also conduct a deep market analysis from your side. Besides, we will keep updating this list as per new trends and demand analytics. So use these product ideas and set up your print on demand store now, we have the technology part well covered for you.

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