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10 Ideas to Reinvent Your eCommerce Business

by GK October 12, 2019
ecommerce business ideas

When was the last time you did some innovative personalization to your eCommerce store? Innovation is more than changing the colors of the buttons or adding new images. Done right, innovation can result in great advantages. The trouble is eCommerce innovations and personalization is hard to plan and implement. It requires several stages of preparations that many eCommerce businesses either do not know about or do not follow.

What if there were specific eCommerce business ideas that you could apply to your online store to increase sales? Unfortunately, there is not any fixed method or a process to do that. However, they are many, which when applied at the right time and the right way, grow sales and take your business to the new heights.

Ideas to reinvent your eCommerce business.

  1. Create personalized homepages

Homepages are the front door to your eCommerce store and personalization is the key to delivering the best user experiences to your customers. Unlike physical stores, online stores have the advantage of getting to know their customers even after one visit, all thanks to cookies. Why not utilize this information to improve their shopping experience in the next visits, too?

For example, ASOS uses this knowledge to remember a potential user’s interests and preferences. It automatically redirects the section that you would have looked at before.

  1. Add new product categories

When you want to add new product categories to your website, try to develop a selling proposition. It can be about the product, about your service, your online store, or anything similar. It can even be a great deal, which your customers cannot deny. Just let your customers know why they should buy the product. Consider adding new product categories to attract new or even existing customers. Additionally, when you are preparing a launch plan for a new category, make sure to include great product descriptions and compelling product photography.

  1. Experiment with pricing

Setting the right price for your products require some balancing. A low price is not always ideal. Likewise, high pricing can make you lose a large share of budget-conscious customers. Consider changing product prices to check the impact on sales. Increasing the price tag of unique products at times can sometimes make them more attractive to buyers. Additionally, engage in comparative pricing where you price your products against those of your competitors. This is one of the great eCommerce business ideas. The objective here is to create a context where you are giving customers a chance to opt for the superior experience you can offer.

  1. Improve product search

Start by placing your search box where users can see it. Once it is done, A/B Tests the placement to see if there is an uptick in usage. There are thousands of eCommerce sites that don’t have a strong product search. A weak product search will have direct effects on your customer experience and sales. Look at alternative options to improve search results and offer good filtering choices. Have a look at your navigation and make sure you structure it in a way that aligns with the browsing behavior of your customers, not in the way you set it up.

  1. Implement mobile-first web design

One of the best eCommerce store ideas, designing mobile-first is an important strategy at the time of building your eCommerce store. In the past 5 years alone, the number of mobile users worldwide has gone up to over 1 billion in eCommerce. Now you know how important it is to design your website for smartphone users. Small screens require reconsidering everything from navigation to the checkout page. If you do not see at least 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, it might be due to the lack of mobile experience.

  1. Use Geo-Location targeting

You can use geo-location targeting to redirect visitors to the right store based on the location. For example, an Amazon user who purchases regularly from the Amazon UK store must be redirected to the same site when he/she visits the US store.

The Geo-location targeting is one of the best eCommerce store ideas that allow you to segment your visitors by location and show appropriate offers to different groups. Another good way to use this feature is to keep your customers informed about the shipping availability of their location.

  1. Display category-specific discount coupons

When you create a discount coupon, try to make it more relevant by ensuring that it matches the categories your visitors are browsing. Use smart tag technology to display to your visitors based on their browsing categories like shirts, dresses, or pants. This works great as it will be appealing to some of its visitors on the basis or product-specific notifications and messaging.

  1. Suggest complementary products

Showing related products can be a great sales booster to convert your visitors. For example, some eCommerce website allows you to shop for an entire outfit at once with suggestions for accessories that will complete it. Make sure that you optimize your product pages, as it is where you turn your visitors into loyal customers. While all the pages in your site collectively create the overall user experience and branding for your eCommerce store, it is on your product pages where your visitors make the important decision of buying from you.

  1. Remind customers of previous purchases and views

This is another good idea of eCommerce personalization that can drive sales and conversions. To boost sales, remind your customers about the engagements they have previously made in your eCommerce store. Yes, this will be different for customers, but it makes it easy for them to locate the items they previously purchased or viewed. Being able to browse products based on the search history makes it easy to find the products they have considered earlier.

  1. Facilitate Product visualization

Product visualization is a powerful way to help your shoppers visualize what a product will look like in real. More online stores are implementing augmented reality (AR) as a fundamental requirement in beauty products, clothing, and home furnishing. Interactive product visualization empowers online shoppers to interact with products to discover every minor detail, visualize components, understand color and materials, and learn about special features. By offering intuitive product visualization, you are essentially giving your customers full control of the buying process, thereby driving sales.

Increasing online sales is the primary goal for any eCommerce business, large and small alike. Whether it is creating a personalized homepage, customized product pages or adding product visualizations, personalization is one of the effective eCommerce business ideas that are here to stay. The above-discussed ideas or a combination of these will help to re-invent your eCommerce business and have a positive impact on your business growth. The best way to personalize your eCommerce store will be to understand your customer preferences and then implement these ideas to offer top-notch personalized experiences.

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