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Custom design and development

We’ve built Shopify apps for a wide range of use cases – from front-end widget integrations to fully customized order management systems. Using state-of- the-art tools and frameworks, we deliver robust and well-tested applications. If you have a Shopify store,and want to serve your customers better, we can work with you by creating and integrating new features into your store.

App setup and store configuration

If you are looking to add Shopify apps to your existing online store, stop the endless search for answers online. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll set up the necessary apps for you. We take care of all your store configuration needs, so you don’t have to deal with the annoying issues. From updating collections, configuring shipping settings to problem products, we configure everything within Shopify.

Managing growth

Your rapidly growing store needs an additional dedicated support of a technical team? If flawless stability, execution and performance is what you are looking for, pair ShopyGen’s premium support service with your Shopify store, and we will ensure that your shop grows without any technical difficulties.

From concept to completion, ShopyGen is a one-stop- shop for all your Shopify needs. We develop good-looking and responsive e-commerce store for you that meets all your needs and satisfies your customer needs, so you can dedicate your time to sell.


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