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Order fulfillment through data flow

Synchronize your inventory data with your vendor to ship orders faster to your customers. You can put the right product in the right place at the right time and encourage repeat sales. You can fulfill your orders faster and deliver amazing customer experience with this standardized and intelligence solution. We can integrate dropship API’s of Doba, Dsco, Sparkshipping and others into your eCommerce solution.

Automated order processing

Route automated orders to distributors, suppliers and other fulfillment centers. When orders come into your store, Dropship sends your orders to the correct place. You can place automated orders in any format that is convenient to your vendor – e-mail, FTP, CSV etc.

Consolidate your inventory and track updates

If you have multiple vendors carrying the same product for you, Dropship API will consolidate the numbers and update your store with total quantity. Tracking updates from your vendors are updated on your store automatically.

Integrating Dropship API into your business system will take care of your shipping needs thereby delivering enhanced shopping experience to your customers. Your time is freed up from updating inventory quantities, tracking updates and sending orders.


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