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Start an On-demand Service Marketplace.

( Like Taskrabbit, Thumbtack or Alfred. Gentack supports all 3 business models. )

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Incredible Top Four features or GenTack to Skyrocket Your Business

Taskrabbit Clone Key features

Real Time Tracking

Just like how you see on Uber, track the location of your service provider moving towards your location LIVE. Google Maps is integrated in the software for you to track the providers location and estimated time of arrival.

Recommendation Algorithm

Posting a job, you can directly select the service providers you want looking at the list of service providers available in your locality. Choose the best looking at their reviews. As a service provider, jobs you can take will be recommended on top that are available in your locality.

Cutting edge technology

Keeping your future business growth in mind, we have developed Gentack using the cutting edge technology—LAMP. Now you need not worry about Security, scalability and performance of the application. It’s all tested and integrated after several rounds of User Acceptance Testing.

Native Mobile apps

Native mobile apps for Android and ios are part of the package. The special part here is you get 2 separate app for both Users and service providers on both platforms – Android and ios. White labelled and easily installable apps.

Download $6000 worth Gentack Lite version for FREE!
On-demand request

Some business ideas require quick response from service provider when there is an immediate demand for it. Example: Uber drivers have to quickly respond to the demand of a booked ride by customers. Similarly Gentack allows you to provide on demand service.

Bidding Algorithm

This fast and amazing feature is built with state of the art programming. You can enable your providers to bid on gigs on the platform. This feature is designed to help both service providers and users where Users can look at each bid and choose the best.

Reviews & Ratings

Our rating and review system lets your customer share their feedback on your site. This  system will increase user engagement and help you make more money. This also helps buyers to make quick purchase decisions, making them feel more secured using your marketplace.

Facebook AI Messenger BOT

With Integrated Facebook messenger BOT, your users can inquire and chat with the bot anytime. Facebook Bot is available 24×7 for your business and eliminates the human resource on customer support. It can give recommendations for service provider and track and inform users about the service requests.

Home Services Industry is a $400 Billion market.
Additional features

Fully Automated Smart Features of Taskrabbit Clone Script

Monetization channels
Admin Backend
What can you do with Gentack?
Under the hood
Server requirements

Armed with many monetisation channels, Gentack is your one stop all software solution. By considering different possible monetisation methods, these are the selected channels you will get in taskrabbit clone script—

✓ Commission System, being used on almost every servicemarketplace.

✓ Banner Ads

✓ Subscription System

✓ Featured Listing Profile

Dynamic Admin Panel allows you to have full control over your website.

➢ Manage all users , service providers and jobs posted

➢ Approve only verified Service providers looking at their IDs submitted

➢ Manage accounts and payouts

➢ Manage Report abuses and reviews.

  • You can start a service marketplace business like Taskrabbit.
  • You can start a business like Thumbtack where you connect local professionals with customers.
  • You can also launch a business like Hello Alfred – Hello Alfred is an American technology company that assigns its members a personal home manager who visits their home each week and works with on-demand and local services to complete errands and to-dos.
  • You can Start your own On-demand app for all services. Simply called ” Uber for X services ” Be it Uber for cleaning, plumbing, dry cleaning, maids, delivery. All in 1 business.
  • Done by experts, this taskrabbit clone apps has everything you need to run a successful & profitable On-Demand business.

Gentack is built on a cutting edge technology which is secure, robust and scalable. Build on LAMP stack ( Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP ).

  • Laravel 5.2 Framework
  • For design Bootstrap framework.
  • All themes are mobile responsive.
  • We have implemented queues concept for sending email and push notification.
  • PHP version 5.6
  • Mysql
  • For chatting socket.io – node js

For Android:

  • GCM
  • Facebook API
  • Google API
  • GreenDao
  • Easy Permission Library

For iOS:

  • SDImageView
  • AFNetworking
  • SWRevealViewController
  • CCBottomRefreshControl
  • HCSStarRatingReview
  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ubuntu OS 14.04
  • Mcrypt enabled
  • Node js – v6.1.0
  • Npm – v 3.8.6
View all the amazing features of Gentack.
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Simple Pricing for All


  • 100% source code & IP rights
  • Website software ( NO mobile apps )
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • API for Mobile apps
  • 1 Year Free Upgrades

Gentack Premium

  • 100% source code & IP rights
  • Website software
  • Android & iOS Mobile apps
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 1 Year Free Upgrades


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the demo?

Frontend : http://gentack.info

User login – [email protected] / 123456

Provider login – [email protected] / 123456

Admin backend : http://gentack.info/admin/login

Admin login – [email protected] / 123456

Android apps :

User app – Link

Service provider app – Link

iOS apps :

User app – Link

Service provider app – Link

How does it work? Features list?

Getting started basics – Link

User guide – Link

Admin setup guide – Link

Updates and support?

Every 60 days we push a product update with some new features along with existing bugs and issues fixed. It will be upgraded to your server free of cost. If you don’t require the new feature – you can simply patch the bugs by replacing the latest patch files.

Can I use the same software for another industry or niche?

Yes, you get 100% source code and you can install the same code on multi domains and use it for different niche. Some suggestions for different niche are

Uber for Couriers
Uber for Grocery Delivery
Uber for Cleaning
Uber for Mechanics
Uber for Laundry
Uber for Taxi

Can you show us some examples of people using your software?

We’d be happy to show you examples in private. Please contact us

Can I buy regular license and then upgrade later?

Yes, you can buy the regular license ( web version first ) & then later upgrade to Premium edition which includes mobile apps.

What's the difference between Free Lite version Vs. Regular License ?

Free version –

Only bidding option.
Bidding only based on categories.
No chat / messaging feature.
Only cash on delivery option.

Licensed version –

Bidding & On-demand booking.
Bidding based on location, categories and direct provider selection.
User-provider chat / messaging feature.
Braintree & Cash on delivery payment options.

Refund policy

No refund.

Please check the product demo before you buy.

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