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The consumer guide for finding the best-selling Airbnb clone open source?

by GK January 07, 2020

Are you looking for an Airbnb style website design but don’t know how to build it without spending a fortune? Assuming you are aware of the Airbnb’s business model and looking for an economical way to build your website using an Airbnb open source clone, this article will guide you from the beginning.

As you know that Airbnb follows the P2P rental marketplace model to do the business, it’s should be your priority to ensure that your chosen script does not limit to the vacation rentals alone. Please note that an Airbnb clone open source script, with certain customizations, can accommodate any kind of product or service you want to rent on the P2P model.

What else can you do with an Airbnb clone script?

The fundamental business model of Airbnb allows peers to conduct business among themselves, while the platform acts as a facilitator of the transactions. From crashing into a stranger’s house to renting your car, the same P2P rental model allows an entrepreneur to use a ready-made Airbnb clone script for website development, and use the saved money and effort in business development instead of the wasting same in-

  • Developing the website from scratch
  • Purchasing in-house commodities to rent

Airbnb used the same peer-to-peer connection to build a massive network of vacation rentals without owning a single property of its own. The supply-chain for such as business is the peer-to-peer sharing economy. Whether it is a car, bike, co-working space, storage units, construction supply, party supply, boat, or RV, an Airbnb clone can provide you a platform to connect the peers who have it to the people who want to rent it for some time.

Hence, a proper Airbnb script clone offers you an online rental software open source enough to start your business flexibly and economically without beating around the bushes.

What should you look for in a good Airbnb open source script?

Besides features, which we will discuss later, you should look for the following five aspects in any workable Airbnb script you stumble across:

1.      The script should support multiple platforms 

You want a presence on desktop as well as mobile devices. Having a cutting-edge Airbnb style website design is important, but you should not limit your platform here alone. A complete package must offer you a bundle of following solutions to cover you from all sides of the market:

  • Website: Back-end, and mobile responsive front-end
  • Android Mobile Apps for host and the customers
  • iOS Mobile Apps for host and the customers

2.      You should get open source-code access

Full source code access is important to get you absolute control over your website, and hence your business. Moreover, the script must allow you to host your website on any supported web-server of your choice.

3.      Customizability

The open-source code access makes your script customizable enough, but be advised as a few things can still bar you from customizing it. Ask your vendor for complete documentation where they have talked about the standard coding practices used in the script. This will allow any skilled developer to under the code and make the customizations on top.

4.      Scalability

Scalability is very tricky and a virtual concept. There are N numbers of things that decide the scalability of an Airbnb script; open-source code access is one of them. However, one of the angles also defines the ability to manage the platform with an increased amount of users, features, products, and traffic load as scalability. For that to happen, the platform must not only handle the up-scaled requirements easily but also have the ability to integrate upgrades such as CRM, new Payment Gateways, SEO tools, Chatbots, Calendar management systems, etc. 

5.      One-time payment

The sole purpose of using an open-source Airbnb clone is freedom from all kinds of recurring payments to the script vendors. Once you have the source code, you can do whatever with it in the way you want. You are not bound to pay to the vendors to purchase a new feature, as we do in SaaS-based solutions. Unless you want your vendors to manage your website for you, you can purchase an Airbnb open-source clone by paying just a one-time cost.

Which features make a cutting-edge Airbnb Clone?

There are N numbers of features an Airbnb clone open source enough can accommodate. The more they are, the better it is for seamless management of your business. Here is a list of some fundamental features an Airbnb clone must necessarily possess:

1.      A noticeable search bar with advanced filters

A search bar is the backbone of any eCommerce website. Users don’t traverse from listing to listing looking out for desired products or services. You need an advanced search box to guide your users into the conversion funnel by returning precise search results. Make sure the script is equipped with a search box noticeable enough and has advanced filters to refine results relevantly. You can take some inspiration from the original Airbnb style website design itself for the search box. It’s a perfect example.

2.      The integrated Google Map for assistive search results

Having a cutting-edge search box is not enough. The UI must possess an innovative search result page too. It’s not easy for the customers to traverse each search result one-by-one. The result page must offer enough information to let the users make a decision right from there itself. Integrating a map-based filter will let them deduce the listings in their preferred locations and budget more easily. 

Google map

3.      Multi-language and multi-currency support is a necessity

A home rental business will attract guests from domestic as well as international locations. Such users prefer to book the rentals before leaving for the trip. It won’t be an easy job for them to book your rentals if your site doesn’t support their language and currency.

4.      Commission Management System for revenue channels

A dedicated user-interface for the admin to manage the commission-based revenue channels. The admin must not only be able to set up the commission rates but also track the earnings with proper analytics and GUI-based reports. Our Airbnb clone, Genbnb, allows the admin to put both percentage-based and fixed-charge-based commissions.

Besides, it also allows the admin to put separate commissions on hosts and the customers on their bookings.

5.      Payouts Management System to share the revenue with hosts

Tracking the commission is not enough to manage the big business. The clone script must also allow the admin to undertake on-site payouts based on the analytics from the commission management system. Genbnb allows the admin to track payments in and out of the site. The admin can see a tabular report of the due payments, payments are done, and the failed transactions. Besides, you can also make direct payments to the users from the Admin panel itself.

6.      Properties Management System to manage the listings

The properties management system is nothing but a workflow that defines your listings. Since it’s a peer-to-peer model, the users get access to list their properties. However, a good listings management system must take each listing through a proper authentication process and publish a listing only when approved by the admin. Moreover, the admin must possess the ultimate access to list a property from the back-end, de-list a property listed by a host, suspend a listing, and delete a listing. Besides the tabular report, it’s great of the admin can also view a graphical representation of the properties.

7.      User management system for all kinds of users on the site

A p2p rental marketplace platform comprises of three types of users: Admin, Host, and customers. A proper Airbnb clone must offer a seamless access control plus user authentication system to manage all three kinds of users. You need sub-admins with limited access to manage the site and operations. Besides, the admin must also keep a track of the hosts on the site. Finally, there is no business without managing customers. With all these access controls, you also need to make sure that the platform allows the customers to become hosts too. 

8.      Availability Management system for hosts

A calendar management system is imperative to manage the availability of the listings. It should allow the hosts to mark the time, day, date, and weeks when the property is available for rent. Based on the given inputs the availability management system must automatically show a property as not available if a customer tries to book an already booked property.

9.      Review and Feedback management system

Since it’s a peer-to-peer business, both hosts and customers are important for the Admin. You want both types of users to rate their experiences on the site and report any kind of grievance. A proper review and feedback management system is important to manage the quality of services on the platform. Letting them rate their experiences with each other will encourage both types of users to improve on their parts and stick to ethical conduct.

10.  Discount Management system for marketing

You need to create discount campaigns with unique coupon codes to boost your sales. A decent discount management system allows you to create coupons and set different validations.

With the rules based on cart-value, validity, and maximum usage, it is easier to create conversion-friendly discount coupons and keep a track of the sales made through them. The same system will also allow you to launch affiliate-marketing campaigns, where you can assign different codes to different marketers and track the sales made by each code individually.

Besides these fundamental features, a decent Airbnb open source script possesses customizability to add new features on top. Be it through module developments or API integration, a script must accommodate certain requirements without breaking the base code: new payment gateways, new landing pages, Live chat API, etc. If your selected online rental software is open source enough to fulfill these requirements, you should test it for your project. Lagging on any of the mentioned grounds is not a desirable trait. You should move on and find some other open-source Airbnb clone. There is no shortage of good script providers in the market.

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