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Build a service marketplace business like Thumbtack.

Hire the right pro for every project.

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Multiply your business with our Impressive features

The top 4 features in our thumbtack clone script

Credit Based System

Where physical money takes a halt, digital money comes into
play! Similar to that of PayPal, you can now make payments using an Electronic Payment Wallet without the involvement of real cash.

Questionnaire for User/Provider

Answer some questions related to your requested service one by one before you post a job. These answers will provide crucial information about the job posted as well as the service provider’s skillset which will ease the workflow.

On-demand and Bidding Workflow

Request the service you want to avail from your doorstep without the loss of time. You can also set a particular date time according to your choice to relish services depending on your urgency.

Real Time Tracking

Once the job is assigned to the provider, you can track the provider in real time. Just like in Uber app to track your driver, here you can track your provider in real time using integrated Google maps API.

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Gentask - Thumbtack clone script features

Key features you need to know

Admin panel
Business flow
Monetization channels
Revenue addons
Interactive features
LAMP stack, Laravel

This cutting edge technology feature will help you getting a better scalability,security and performance.

Native Android App

Two Native Android app built in JAVA separately – One for the
user and one for the provider.

Native iOS app

Two Native iOS app built in Objective-C separately – One for the
user and one for the provider.

Robust admin panel

A dynamic and responsive admin panel for you to manage all your content,users and operations of the website.

Track Statistics

Track all statistics to get a thorough report. You can track number of
users, providers, jobs posted, commission you made, reviews – The numbers and calculations are all automated.

Manage users and CMS

We have provided site administration feature to allow managing all users on the website – Making them active/inactive – Also managing all the content that you have on your website.

On-demand request

An On-demand single click – location based request – Like how you have on Uber to book a service provider.

Bidding request

Like Upwork.com or freelancer.com, you can post jobs and allow service providers to bid on gigs using this feature.

Direct assign to providers

To provide multiple options for your customers, you can directly connect employers/buyers to service providers who might be a good fit for their job.

Commission system

This is the heart and soul of service based marketplace — Commission System. Set a public commission % for service providers and get a commission on each service that they provide.

Banner ads

Get offline Advertisements and have their banners uploaded on the site to
gain money and give them visibility.

Credit based system

Credit system will enable users to have a wallet on your platform. They can use digital money and pay for tasks or services.

Subscription system

Have your service providers pay a subscription amount to register and bid. Eliminate service providers by-passing you and get a consistent money every month.

Featured listing of profiles

Have your users pay a small sum to post a job on the platform. So everytime a user posts job you get a job listing fee added to your account.

Loyalty Program

Invite your peers and family to subscribe with you and savor mind-boggling rebates every time they avail your services. Use referral codes to refer and earn from loyalty agenda.

User seller chat

Give the luxury of user chatting with your service providers before they finalize and hire. Giving the user a more secure feel to hire anybody online.

Google map integration

Google Map API Integration feature to show the location of user, location of the job, location of service provider.

ID verification for providers

Have only verified Service providers by having them registered on the platform submitted an ID proof. This way you keep all Spam registration away.

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Amazing features of Gentask - Thumbtack clone

Credit based system

Providers need to buy virtual credit tokens to bid on the project. This process is to filter out the right providers for the right job.

Questionnaire for user/provider

A questionnaire format will be shown to the user to fill out the information for the job. This will help the provider to easy the workflow and get detailed description for the job.

Theme like Thumbtack

If Thumbtack and its services has left a positive impression on you, then be rest assured that our Thumbtack clone script will amaze you by its astounding features.

Scalable architecture

Irrespective of the user base, service providers base, media files uploaded and number of jobs posted – the software is developed to have the best performance.

Stripe Payment gateway

Stripe is one of the latest and simplest ways to accept payments across the globe. The users in the platform can choose to pay by card directly using Stripe.

Reviews and Ratings

Review and Rating will help you maintain fair business practices among buyers and sellers of services. You can easily spot and ban unwanted business participants.

Switch online / offline

With this unique feature, service providers can update their availability for the jobs based on which they will receive job notifications and

Push Notifications

As we know, it is very widely used nowadays. Push notifications will keep your customers more engaged. It will help you do more business and profit.

Separate user dashboard

Separate and customised as per everybody’s needs, Gentask has in built dashboard for users and service providers.

Social Logins

Gentask’s Social Login feature will allow your customers to log in to their account through their existing social media profiles.

Report Abuse

Just like Facebook or Upwork, you will now be able to collect abusive request from your customers and find out unwanted content/activity on your platform.

Dynamic CMS

Dynamic CMS is a vital publishing tool which helps to easily manage the
vast amount of content on your service platform.


Build Your Unique Brand using Gentask

White label your business

Now you can position your own unique brand using Gentack’s While Label feature. There are no legal license complications, hidden subscription charges or any terms and conditions. Simple buy, install and grow your online service based marketplace.

100% Source code & Fully customizable

At an incredibly low one time investment, you get 100% source code of Gentack. You can easily customise it and implement your own ideas to grow business.

Free Installation for Web & Mobile apps

We help you install Gentask’s web and mobile App for free. This will make your life easier as we have our tech experts in place to handle the installation for you.

Our Gentask is a thumbtack like service marketplace software. Check the Live demo.


Simple Pricing for All

Regular license

  • 100% source code & IP rights
  • Website software ( NO mobile apps )
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • API for Mobile apps
  • 1 Year Free Upgrades

Gentask Premium

  • 100% source code & IP rights
  • Website software
  • Android & iOS Mobile apps
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 1 Year Free Upgrades


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the demo?

Frontend :  http://gentask.info/

User login – [email protected] / 123456

Provider login – [email protected] / 123456

Admin Panel : http://gentask.info/admin

Admin login – [email protected] / 123456

Android apps :

User app – link

Service provider – link

iOS apps :

User app- link

Service provider app – link

How does it work? Features list?

Getting started basics – Link
User guide – Link
Admin guide – Link

Updates and support?

Every 60 days we push a product update with some new features along with existing bugs and issues fixed. It will be upgraded to your server free of cost. If you don’t require the new feature – you can simply patch the bugs by replacing the latest patch files.

Can I use the same software for another industry or niche?

Yes, you get 100% source code and you can install the same code on multi domains and use it for different niche.

Can you show us some examples of people using your software?

We’d be happy to show you examples in private. Please contact us

Can I buy regular license and then upgrade later

Yes, you can buy the regular license ( web version first ) & then later upgrade to Premium edition which includes mobile apps.

What's the difference between Gentack Vs. Gentask ?

Gentack – is a service marketplace software like Task rabbit business model.
Gentask – is a service marketplace software like Thumbtack business model.
Gentack Vs. Gentask
Gentack –
1. Post Jobs directly
2. Service provider – fill form to set your skill set
3. Payment gateway – For payments
4. No payment gateway for providers – No cost for Bidding
5. Color and theme layout like Taskrabbit
6. Admin controls over categories for job posting and provider skill set
1. Answer questions to post jobs – Questionnaire
2. Service Provider – Answer questions to set your skill set – Questionnaire
3. Payment gateway – Credits – For payment
4. Payment gateway for providers – to add credits – Bid with credits
5. Color and Theme layout like Thumbtack
6. Admin controls over creating Questions and answers for job posting and provider skill set.

Refund policy

No refund.
Please check the product demo before you buy.

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