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What is a Chatbot? How to Create a Chatbot for Your Business?

by GK December 26, 2017

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a program created to start an interaction with individuals. It is fit for reproducing smooth discussions with clients and regularly exists on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Siri, WeChat, Telegram, SMS, Slack, Skype and numerous others.

Chatbots are changing the way individuals interact with the web ranging from self-triggered undertakings to a fake discussion.

Types of chatbots

There are fundamentally two sorts of chatbots: one that follows a set of guidelines and a further developed version that implements machine learning or artificial intelligence.

A chatbot that works according to the principles can just react to particular orders. The other sort incorporates artificial intelligence and gets wiser as it gains knowledge from various discussions it goes through.

With its ever-growing popularity, you can now even create your own chatbot.


Some of the most common chatbots

The number of individuals beginning to use chatbots is increasing every day. Practically any site or application can be transformed into a bot. Here are some intriguing cases of how chatbots are utilized right at this point:

  • Climate Bot – Allows you to get climate updates at whatever point you inquire.
  • News Bot – Helps you remain updated with the news or events that matter to you.
  • Booking Bot – Allows you to plan a meeting with somebody on the Messenger group at Facebook.
  • Item Suggestion Bot – Offers item suggestions related to what you need.
  • Finance Bot – Lets you monitor your record, for example, your present bank-balance and latest transactions.
  • Customer Support Bot – Provides answers and addresses client issues, or basically tracks the status of a request.
  • Pizza Ordering Bot – Allows you to effectively assemble another pizza and track your request.

What kind of businesses actually require a chatbot?

Businesses which receives a lot of orders which are identical to one another are businesses where the need of a chatbot is relevant. A chatbot would answer the repetitive queries of customers about certain products and specifications.

Low involvement merchandise and ventures don’t require much time and dedication with respect to the buyer who is likely to settle on a choice, for example, beauty care products, food items, and regular household things.

Clients regularly don’t invest a considerable amount of energy studying the features of these items. Hence, you can have a bot that quickly figures out what the client needs and offers suggestions without human communication.

Customers will in all probability pick the vendor that makes it simpler to get a product. You can have a bot that can give data any time of the week. Additionally, numerous clients do not like to talk via telephone nowadays.

Some ways by which a chatbot can improve your business.

If you build a chatbot, you can improve customer benefit, exhibit product recommendations and draw in clients through promotional campaigns.

Numerous shoppers incline toward chatbots on the grounds that they are anything but difficult to utilize and have a tendency to be less nosy and quicker than calling a customer care executive on the telephone.

Conversational trade is a trendy expression surrounding AI chatbot technology. It essentially signifies the sale of a product inside the discussion taking place within a chatbot. By having a conversation with a program that learns and stores data, your clients can forward orders with lesser and easier steps than ever.

Entrepreneurs are exploiting AI technology through individual partner tools. It’s currently more practical to message a cordial AI assistant than to get to a lot of applications for secretarial assignments, for example, reserving a hotel, booking appointments, or requesting office supplies.

Chatbots can even enable you to oversee assignments and activities. All real texting applications include chatbots that automate group discussions and detailing, and in addition time and cost tracking. You can make inquiries like what tasks are designated to you or who is allotted to a specific task.

The artificial intelligence part of numerous chatbots is a helpful aspect for independent ventures. While chatbots are generally proposed for client communication, organizations can investigate the information gathered by chatbots.

How to build a chatbot?

There are a lot of instruments accessible that make constructing a chatbot simpler. You’ll have to make sense of what issue you need to unravel with your bot, pick which stage your bot will live on (Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and so on), set up a server to run your bot from, and select which benefit you will use to make your bot.

If you want to make your own chatbot, you can choose different methods which are actually foolproof or you can experiment a little to choose workarounds for the prosperity of your venture.

Things to keep in mind while creating a custom chatbot.custom chatbot

Select the best platform

Remember that some bot manufacturers will require different levels of technical information. On the off chance that you have experience in coding, odds are you can begin making bots from the top without the assistance of any outsider tools. Then again, in case you don’t have the much coding knowledge, picking a platform like ChattyPeople can enable you to spare time while enabling you to deliver superb outcomes.

Know who your bot audience is.

Remember their fundamental reason and distinguish the correct audience to create a bot that interests them. Make sure you also recall that bots are generally new tools, so make your bot proactive and simple so that users are quite satisfied with your approach.

Implement NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Create your own chatbot implementing natural language processing and artificial intelligence implying that clients can speak with a bot utilizing ordinary dialect.

More than being simple to utilize, chatbots that use these two key features can show a touch of personality to help engage and connect with clients on a more intense and more individual level.

Marketing your chatbot

In addition to the fact that you should think of an appealing name that is easy to recollect and spell, yet on top of that, you need to ensure it is listed and accessible on Facebook and other third-party chatbot databases.

Create a chatbot for website and promote it across various platforms.

Some of the platforms you can use in order to create a chatbot.


You would now be able to manufacture your own bot specifically through FB Messenger’s presentation page. There are a lot of assets including guides, contextual studies, gathering for Facebook developers that FB Messenger gives enabling you to create a fresh chatbot without wasting much time.


This platform is perfect for making a best AI chatbot on Facebook with incorporated Facebook business. No programming is required. You can integrate a basic customer service bot or integrate it with a platform which will monetize your Facebook fan pages.


It’s one of the best tools to create a conversational Messenger bot. Both talented developers and non-developers can utilize it through following a progression of some very simple steps. You can undoubtedly come up with conversational situations and construct advanced dialogue exchanges for more consistent discussions.


You can assemble a bot in Telegram that will keep running in the application itself. The organization has publicly released their chatbot code to make it simple for outsiders to coordinate and make them generate their personal bots.


This communicational platform for multichannel texting highlights chatbot automation as its prime feature and enables you to add payments to discussions. It supports messaging applications like Messenger or Viber and sells items in between dialogues utilizing Stripe.

Abilities of chatbots are getting enhanced day by day. Chatbots are winding up to be extremely inventive and organizations can utilize them in many fascinating ways. Once you go through this article, you may as of now be thinking about how an excellent chatbot can enable you to develop your business. After going through this article you can easily go ahead and make your own ecommerce chatbot. Do not wait because the time will run out and other budding visionaries will be ahead of you which you obviously don’t want.
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