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Why Adapting to Mobile Commerce is the Need of the Hour?

by GK June 17, 2018
mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce

The latest trends and innovations in mobile commerce can by no means be written off. Mobile commerce, also called m-commerce, continues to be on the rise. According to Statista, in 2021, 53.9% of all retail ecommerce in the US is expected to be generated via m-commerce. It is interesting to note that m-commerce is not just about mobile shopping. M-commerce encompasses constituents such as mobile banking and mobile payments.

Mobile Banking vs Mobile Payments

To our readers who are not acquainted with the fundamental difference between mobile banking and mobile payments, here’s something worth your attention. Mobile banking is the use of mobile devices to initiate, process and conclude financial transactions. Mobile payment is a digital transaction done through NFC enabled mobiles. And here’s an impressive statistic- By 2020, mobile payments volume will amount to an estimated $503 billion. Mobile commerce

Benefits of Mobile Commerce

Enlisted below are a few benefits of mobile commerce:
  • Location-based tailored push notifications and messages
  • Mobile wallets and many integrated payment options
  • Responsive and compatible mobile apps and site
  • Efficient and simpler checkout process
  • Better user experience
  • Effortlessly easy and seamless product navigation

Requirements to Launch your Mobile Ecommerce Business

One trend we are seeing more and more of is eCommerce businesses taking the next progressive step of launching their own mobile-friendly businesses.  You don’t require any fancy and expensive stuff to design and develop mobile-friendly content and landing pages. It all boils down to using the right m-commerce platform.

Best M-commerce Platforms

Given the vast majority of platforms, you will be spoilt for choices. I will not suggest you anything that I haven’t tried. I found these extremely useful:
  • Mobigen
Mobigen has a host of impressive features such as unique admin dashboard, push notifications, multiple monetization channels, advanced product search, free installation, 1 year free technical support etc. It’s a new entrant.
  • Yo!kart
This multivendor m-commerce platform is known for features such as responsive design, professional reports and analytics, Android apps, 1 year free technical support etc.
  • MobiCart
Influencers and experts vouch for MobiCart’s impressive Content Management System (CMS). Known for its unlimited push notifications, powerful APIs and RSS blog feeds, this m-commerce platform is definitely worth your investment Xcart and CS-Cart are also worth your investment. You are likely to lose significant business to your competitors if you don’t adapt to mobile platforms. Be agile and stay informed. Keep watching this space for informative content on mobile commerce. Cheers!
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