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Why Free Chatbot Builders are Useless?

by GK October 25, 2017
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2017, as we know is the year of Artificial Intelligence aided by Chatbots is not showing any signs of backing out from the ever- booming social media industry.

Chatbots being the greatest idea incorporated for promotional purposes a year ago, built it up to be the immediate next enormous thing which is going to shake up the whole business.

But things haven’t generally worked out according to the path that was paved in 2017 up to this point and individuals are beginning to address whether the innovation of messenger chatbot is prepared to assert its place as an essential showcasing channel.

Tragically, this was bound to happen. At the point when there’s so much buildup encompassing another innovation such as facebook chat bots, it generally misses the mark regarding early desires.

This is not because of the innovation itself is missing and is backdated. Rather, it has more to do with individuals hopping on the same customs and making an apathetic or confused push to execute it.

Facebook chat bots have been started to pop up anywhere and everywhere for a previous couple of months. A facebook messenger bot would always get assistance from stages like Motion.ai and Smooch.io whose cooperation would help bridge the innovation gap for the majority.

There’s additionally the potential for these chatbots to supplant 800-numbers and other dreadful client benefit encounters for a continuous, readily available, data recovery framework.

Let us discuss some specks as to why free chatbot builders are useless:


Large portions of the general population being interviewed are advertisers or individuals near the showcasing bureau of the organization they work for. These folks don’t mess around and take the messenger chatbot thing real seriously.       

The magnificence of building custom facebook chat bots with Shopygen is that it practically has no restrictions in what we can accomplish for our customers. When they think of insane thoughts, Shopygen says “bring it on and we will take care of business.”

The issue you will keep running into when utilizing a DIY chatbot developer, especially as an advertiser or an innovative individual, is being constrained in the things you can do. You basically depend on the functionalities the stage permits you to and that’s about it!


Truly outstanding and most fun parts of the messenger chatbot drift are the Artificial Intelligence. Having a program cooperate with its human clients and perceive what they are stating is astonishing, and it is a major piece of the experience of utilizing a chatbot.

Despite the fact that I perceive the outrageous helpfulness of stream driven facebook chatbots regardless of that anyone would like to trust ‘genuine’ chatbots which will surely have some level of AI incorporated.

The issue with free chatbot stages is the impediment in the multifaceted nature of AI endorsement. On the off chance that you attempt to fabricate a bot with any huge computerized reasoning utilizing one of the free stages, you will rapidly keep running into a divider.

There is an extremely basic purpose behind this restriction. Manmade brainpower is perplexing every second. Building a chatbot that grasps things quickly enough is a difficult task. Offering this kind of administration for nothing is essentially unthinkable.



This is dependably the issue when utilizing free items or free stage. Getting accommodating and auspicious help from the group behind a free item is regularly a bad dream, if certainly feasible, and free messenger chatbot building stages are no exemption.

The chatbot business is still new. In the event that you are new to this world, you in all probability have no idea in the matter of what is conceivable, unthinkable, and difficult to do yet should be possible with a tiny bit of additional work etc.

Despite the fact that the groups around the free stages are developing, they frequently do not have the expert experiences of having manufactured their offer of custom chatbots for top notch business customers.

If you somehow managed to look for the direction about a particular task you have at the top of the priority list, you would be unable to discover somebody with the solidity of learning and experience to help you in any important way.


Utilizing an outsider stage to fabricate your facebook chatbot implies you will never approach the source code of what you are building. It resembles building a WordPress site, however worse you approach the WordPress records.

It implies you have no responsibility towards a messenger chatbot. It implies you have no chance to alter it uninhibitedly. It implies you can’t take it away to another stage; you would need to commence the venture with no outside help. It also denotes that you have a clue as to how the information going all through your bot is being dealt with.


content editing

We had already addressed this marginally in the previous section. I trust it is vital to go deeper. Building a chatbot, even with intuitive pieces of functionalities, is no simple undertaking. You will undoubtedly commit an error at some point, and that is fine because these things occur naturally.

The issue, in any case, comes up only when you endeavor to settle these mix-ups. More often it is truly difficult to settle your slip-ups without breaking the entire model you’ve quite recently concocted spending a protracted period of around 30 hours.


As a messenger chatbot building organization, brands such as Shopygen have to pertain to a great degree of tight administration level understandings. Shopygen focuses on maximal uptime with their clients. Not just that, such an enterprise additionally focuses on a pay which can be neglected in order to stay faithful to the commitment made by this organization.

Shouldn’t something be said about a free chatbot manufacturer? They in all likelihood have some kind of uptime guarantee, yet nothing concrete. Regardless of the possibility that they did, you would not get repaid should they ever go down for three hours since someone might have stumbled on a wire and killed the entire thing.

Building a facebook messenger bot for a business on a free stage and indiscriminately depending on them to keep their administration up and running at all times is hazardous.

With the downfall of a platform you lose:

  • A working chatbot
  • Every speck of your chatbot’s code
  • Data gathered leading to the information about users
  • Conditional repayment for interludes
  • The amount of effort and time you had put into this venture

If you are still dwelling in the idea that free chatbots are useless then let me throw some light on what free chatbots can do.

Chatbots can be fun and building them is amusing. It allows you to commence a free builder and spin a facebook page alongside the creation of a new chatbot for your peers.

Obviously, DIY stages bring a considerable measure of issues and vulnerabilities. This is the reason ventures such as Shopygen have faith in building custom messenger chatbots and taking full control of the work which is absolutely critical for the business as well as for their customers.

Again, it is up to you and the amount your budget allows you to spend. I would suggest that if you are looking to formulate a serious business then stop banking on free chatbot builders and pave a way for paid services.

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