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Why Nodejs is the First Choice for Building E-Commerce Marketplace

by GK April 21, 2020

Ever since it been launched in 2009 as a tool for building scalable, server-side web applications, NodeJS has rapidly taken over as the go-to-technology by the developers across the globe in building web application frameworks, social media apps, real-time tracking apps, online games, collaboration tools, video and text chat engines, and backend static file server.

The ease Nodejs offers in building fast and scalable network applications is the primary reason why it is the first choice for building e-commerce marketplaces. This open-source technology is being touted as the number one futuristic technology in building e-commerce shopping carts, which is going to drastically improve the performance of online stores.

For a smooth development experience, fast turn around and better conversions, it is necessary to opt out for the right technology and NodeJS frameworks have the answers to all such requirements.

The unique feature of smoothly using the same language for both client-side and server-side scripting is making the developers quickly adapt to NodeJS in building web applications of any size.

A successful e-commerce marketplace is one that is user-friendly, competitive, and seamless, quickly adaptable to the latest changes in technology.

By using an efficient programming tool in building the website (your website is the starting point of customer interaction) of your online platform, you can create an impeccable, interactive, and seamless user experience.

And NodeJS is massively acceptable to everyone because of innumerable advantages it lends to the developers. Node.js is a blessing for real-time web applications as it deploys push technology over web sockets.

Node.js is the first choice of the top brands in developing their primary applications.

For example, LinkedIn, the biggest social networking platform moved from ‘Ruby on Rails to NodeJS’ to combat mobile app’s backend solutions. This shift has given a much lighter and faster running application than the previous one.

Node js application

Some of the top applications built on Node.js frameworks are:

·        Netflix ·        LinkedIn ·        Walmart ·        GoDaddy ·        Medium ·        Uber ·        Paypal ·        eBay ·        Groupon ·        Nasa ·        Homemade ·        Yahoo ·        Trello ·        Dictionary.com ·        Flickr.com ·        Thesarus.com ·        Healthline.com ·        Microsoft Store


Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2021, 2.14 billion people will buy online- indicating the fierce competition and growing scope in the e-commerce marketplace.

Presenting here the survey findings of ‘Stack overflow’, where NodeJS has toppled all other technologies and emerged as the winner in being the first choice for an e-commerce marketplace.

Stack overflow

Before learning about why NodeJS frameworks are the first choice of developers in building e-commerce marketplace, let us understand briefly what is NodeJS and its safety advantages:

What is NodeJS

What is Nodejs


Node is neither a Programming language nor a framework, it is a single-thread, single-process system ensuring shared-nothing design along with OS (Operating System) process boundaries.

NodeJS is a runtime environment that supports JavaScript as a server-side language, built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine. It is an extremely light-weight, efficient web-application that is open-source, cross-platform, event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Node is best suited for data-intensive applications that run across the devices because of being an asynchronous event-driven, I/O model.

Some of the main benefits of NodeJS are its easy scalability, high performance, taking JavaScript to backend programming, supportive community, quick to learn, open-source and cross-platform.

Safety Benefits of NodeJS:

  1.     Good performance
  2.     Hosting-service
  3.     Cloud-enabled
  4.     Coupling in client and server
  5.     Supports quick-native binding
  6.     MVP delivery
  7.     Lightweight
  8.     Easy to use, open-source packages and modules
  9.     Supports multiple platforms
  10. Ease of execution and installation

NodeJS is written in C++ for operating multiple systems at super-fast speed. V8 and NodeJS alike provide optimized performance and support for modern JavaScript features which ensure better productivity.

Why Nodejs is the First Choice for Building E-Commerce Marketplace


Building an e-commerce marketplace is no easy task, where a team of programmers, designers, database managers, testing engineers, and SEO managers collaborate to develop an efficient, dynamic web store with competitive features.

Mobile-based applications are the mainstream millennial trend to survive fierce, competitive e-commerce environment. To race ahead of this race, enterprises are trusting NodeJS prowess in building robust applications for their e-commerce portals.

We have seen different developers choosing different tech stacks to build web stores. After experimenting with LAMP stack for a long time, developers have now shifted focus towards NodeJS frameworks for e-commerce development.

The main reason for Node’s undisputed acceptance everywhere is its quick server-side development and its ease to provide a versatile, faster, secure, and scalable architecture as compared to its counterparts in the market. 

In this post, we are sharing some of the most prominent reasons why developers and e-commerce marketplace cannot say no to NodeJS frameworks over other applications.

Let us check out:

1. Scalability

The primary requirement of a successful e-commerce marketplace is scalability, as several users will use your application daily and the success of a business is directly proportional to the number of users it has.

Considering the growing demands of an e-commerce shopping cart, it must function flawlessly for each customer. This amazing scalability is provided by the asynchronous architecture of NodeJS programming, whose customizable features work aptly for e-commerce websites.

NodeJS provides scalable solutions to e-commerce websites in 2-ways:

  •       Horizontal scaling
  •       Vertical scaling

Node is providing a default feature of scalability to even the simplest of the applications and these scaling facilities improve the end credits of an application, making NodeJS the first choice in creating an adaptable, powerful, and seamless e-commerce marketplace.

2. Fast and Secure Performance

NodeJS facilitates easy customer journey for e-commerce shopping carts- From browsing to adding the products in your cart, from choosing payment options to finally placing a successful order, making NodeJS the first choice for e-commerce businesses.

Speed is one of the top requirements in assessing a successful e-commerce website and NodeJS programming offers one of the fastest and secured JS frameworks as it is built on a dynamic, powerful and fast engine- Google chrome’s V8 motor implant JavaScript into the local machine code, providing greater speed.

Node.js follows an asynchronous programming pattern (excellent for faster execution of programs) that ensures non-blocking code execution, where code executes without having any order or dependency. 

Node.js supports SQL and NoSQL databases. NoSQL further enhances its speed, as it is much faster than earlier frameworks like PHP ( which uses MySQL or some other relational databases.)

Besides, it helps to reduce the number of required servers by using an event perimeter which deals with the opposed I/O operations. 

Globally reputed brands like PayPal have made effective use of Node.js and found out that it improved the number of financial sales and decreased the reaction time by 35%.

Additionally, it provides impeccable safety and security for the swift integration of payment features.

3. Open-source and cross-platform

Node.js is the biggest open-source, cross-platform of JavaScript language which is providing optimum plug-ins (one can easily download them from GitHub and not have to spend any extra costs, these plugins allow you to speed up the process of development) and allows easy creation of web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and a collection of modules( that handle core functionalities with greater ease).

NodeJS has taken the front-end development to server-side development, providing greater ease in making e-commerce websites.

4. Error handling

A good Programming tool is known for its efficient error handling capabilities during the development process and Node.js ticks all the boxes for error handling. 

Error handling reduces the completion time of your project which is highly essential, and this allows you to get a robust e-commerce platform in the first attempt itself (saving time and money).

5. Uniform data streaming

Node.js programming structure makes the processing of the file very easy. This is because its framework allows the HTTP request to move through a single data stream, increasing the speed of its execution.

This results in the faster uploading of videos, quicker purchase decisions by the customers and reduced bounce rates. Hence it is the right choice to build your e-commerce website on Node.

Node is perfect for data streaming applications like Netflix, due to its excellent data streaming capabilities. 

6. Easy communication and management

For e-commerce marketplaces, the foremost requirement is the ease of interaction with the customers and that too instantaneously. It has a fast and easy suite, supporting front-end and back-end development which is a perfect solution for the real-time chat-based platform.

NodeJS algorithms can be used to create rich APIs and real-time applications. So, its implementation in the e-commerce website is quite natural.

Additionally, it is extremely easy to manage product listing management in Node because of the NoSQL database.

7. Cost-effective

In comparison to other languages, the NodeJS framework offers better productivity at lower costs.

Making your e-commerce portal on NodeJS is a smart budget-friendly choice as you do not need to hire separate developers for the front-end and back-end development process.

NodeJs could be used at the client as well as server-side, leading to lower costs in the making and allowing developers to spend their remaining time on other developments.


  1.     NodeJS is the first choice of developers in building e-commerce marketplaces because it is a scalable, cost-effective, secure and fast programming tool for web development of e-commerce websites.
  2.     Entrepreneurs looking to speed up the growth of their businesses via a robust e-commerce platform must go for NodeJS frameworks as it provides an efficient, cross-functional application (saving a lot of development costs and increased profitability).
  3.     NodeJS frameworks ensure great speed and high-performance for real-time web applications.
  4.     It is great for applications requiring immediate updates, like for collaboration tools and online documentation suites.
  5.     It enjoys great community support.
  6.     NodeJS is a web stack that performs a variety of tasks like- media streaming, server diagnosing, remote control and building mobile/ desktop applications.
  7.     The applications built on NodeJS are portable, easy to learn, responsive and instinctive.
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