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Why to use nodejs for eCommerce website development?

by GK August 09, 2018
nodejs ecommerce

Within just 8 years since its inception, node.js has become the most popular run-time of choice among developers worldwide. Its main advantage is that it has JavaScript all over, which is the most widely used programming languages in the world. It supports functional programming, object-oriented programming and procedural programming.


Have you deployed nodeJS for your eCommerce platform yet? Here is an infographic that talks about how it has benefitted business streamline their eCommerce business.

node js ecommerce

Using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, it can easily handle data-intensive and real-time applications running across distributed devices. Top websites like NetFlix, Uber, eBay, PayPal and Walmart that have millions of visitors per day prefer node.js, as it:

-Uses JavaScript for server-side as well as front-end development.

-Has incredible I/O speed and its single threaded event loop can handle multiple requests at the same time.

-Uses web sockets to send the data to clients without them even requesting it.

-is able to distribute large workloads onto servers. It is capable of scaling accordingly and displays impeccable performance parameters.

When it comes to running a business that is entirely dependent on the web and mobile applications like e-commerce, functionality is very crucial.

Node.js is ideal for applications that deal with multiple I/O operations such as real-time collaboration tools, chats, transactions and handling multiple requests at the same time. Powered by API driven technology, a node.js e-commerce website makes it possible for the admin panel, seller panel and the front-end of the website communicate in a unified manner.

Node.js is set to be the backbone of server-less computing and the dynamically growing web and mobile applications. It is developer friendly, lightweight (reduces cold start) and compatible with most of the operating systems.

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